Personal Bests

2015-11-18Banded Highbar Back Squat2755153 lbsThin black bands... Assuming ~225 in the hole.
2016-04-04Bench Press2401155 lbsWrist wraps + hand-off + spotter confidence through motion
2015-11-3Bench Press2054x3150-155 lbsGangsta wraps certainly helped. Elbows felt crappy afterward though.
2015-11-11Bench Press18510150-155 lbsWrist wraps
2015-10-30Bench Press2153150-155 lbsGrinder 3rd rep, no spot, no lift off
2015-12-23Box Squats3951150-155 lbsHad spotter nearby, but no assistance. Belt + Wraps.
2015-11-16Box Squats3653155 lbsBelt + wrist wraps + ephedrine
2015-11-8Box Squats3552150-155 lbsFailed on rep 3... Had to have someone save my life.
2015-01-13Front Squat2352150-155 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2016-03-05Front Squat1956157 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2016-03-19Front Squat2204150-155 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2015-11-20Lowbar Back Squat3201150-155 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2016-02-05Lowbar Back Squat2708155-157 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2015-12-04Lowbar Back Squat2805155 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2015-01-31Lowbar Back Squat25010156 lbsBelt + wrist wraps, felt like more in the tank
2015-11-12Lowbar Back Squat2902155 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2016-03-23Lowbar Back Squat3203155ish lbsBelt + wrist wraps + Spotter + In rack
2015-02-??Lowbar Back Squat22520155ish lbsBelt + Wraps
2015-11-18Pause Lowbar Back Squat2952153 lbsBelt + wrist wraps
2016-04-06Sumo Deadlift4251156 lbsBelt + hitch because overhand fingers caught on quads
2015-11-17Sumo Deadlift3852155 lbsBelt
2015-11-14Volume Lowbar Back Squat18400 (3x170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195, 200, 205)10x10155 lbsBelt on set 6 and onward. Accidentally started at 170 instead of 160.
2016-03-29Front Squat 2401153 lbsBelt + Wraps. Was supposed to be my 2 rep max attempt.
2016-04-06Conventional Deadlift4051155 lbsBelt and after sumo max @425