My WHG Escape – Day 6 Last Full Day at WHG

My WHG Escape - Basement Wall

Planning last full day of the WHG Escape

So far this trip has been better than I could have ever hoped for doing it on my own. Every day has had some pretty cool opportunities.

For goals, my water drinking goal has worked well, so I’ll be continuing that one today. Especially because tomorrow I probably won’t drink much water being on the road. Sleeping in has mad meal timing kind of weird for me, but lately I haven’t felt too much like I’m forcing food down my throat. Yesterday I also wanted to get out to Goodwill but I was way too tired to exist after Sushi… So that’s on my radar as a goal for the day.

And finally, I’d love to run into Rob and Dana once more at WHG to say bye to them and thank them for what they’ve done. Fingers are crossed.

Mid day

I spent the core part of my afternoon catching up on social, eating, and pounding back some water. I also tried to wash up some dishes and get as much packed up and ready to move first thing in the morning right out to the car. Seeing my dirty pile of gym clothes all stacked up was pretty unsightly, but I’ve been pleased that I’ve been replacing a ton of my older gym gear with stuff that looks better, fits better, and just feels better to work out in.

After being cooped up in the hotel room, it was time to figure out just where that Goodwill was. A little googling had me surprised… It’s literally across the street from WHG. Can’t get too much closer 🙂 So with gym gear and food in hand, it was time to head out to donate clothes and get my lift in.

The Gym

Big back session for me tonight. I had to start with deadlifts, which for years have been one of my strongest movements… But right now, they’re one of my weakest. I’m not sure what’s up, but it’s likely to do with the frequency that I’ve been deadlifting. I’ve had rackpulls in my plan for a while, but deadlifts have been out until now. Anyway, a pyramid of 7 sets of deadlifts was my first task, and it felt like complete shit. Guess that means it’s going to help!

And Dana is here! Looks like she’s training back too. Must be a sign! 😉 Pullups and dumbbell rows on deck… A fun combo for sure. Dumbbell rows always get me sweating like nuts. Out of any back movement, they’re the one that really gets me out of breath haha I had to get some underhand cable rows and corner rows…, but I had no idea where they had their bar set of up for corner rows. I asked Mondo at the front and he pointed me to a backroom. Perfect place to snap a selfie.

When I was done in there, I had technically finished the back work, but I wanted to get a couple more sets in. I hit up some straight arm pulldowns with some light weight just to stretch out, and then tried some narrow grip cable pulldowns with a cool grip I hadn’t seen before. Finally… core time.



Once I was all done, I spotted Dana taking a break between her barbell rows. I decided now was as good a time as ever to say thank you and goodbye. I always felt bad approaching Rob and Dana on the gym floor. I know they’re busy people and getting time alone to workout must feel nice. But Dana always seems very approachable.

I thanked her for my time down at WHG and for making my trip down there awesome. I let her know that I’d love to come back. She gave me a hug and said next time I’m back, I’ll be an expert on the area. She also joked that maybe next time I could bring a friend, which of course was sort of the original plan 🙂

I had one last goodbye to say. I had noticed in the basement of the WHG there was this really cool wall that tons of people had signed. I figured that was the best spot to say my final goodbye. A little piece of my heart left up on the wall, buried in the basement of the WHG. Wish you were here.

Wrapping up my last night on vacation here. Honestly, this trip had some personal reasons bringing me down attached to it, but I’m so glad I did it. It was more than I could have ever expected. . I got to meet some awesome people that welcomed me into their gym, work out in an insane facility, train literally right beside @danalinnbailey and @robfuckingbailey, have real conversations with those two multiple times, and… I got kisses from Kaia 🐶 . I needed this though. It was the perfect way to press reset on some things and get closure. Spreading some smiles, meeting great new people, and lifting weights. It’s time to move onward and upward, no matter how much I wish you were here. . Until next time DLB and Mr. Bailey, keep inspiring. 💪 . . . (Kaia picture is from DLB’s snapchat so go follow her for infinite cuteness) #warhousegym #whg #thewarhousegym #gym #workout #training #lift #lifting #fit #fitness #fitspo #instafit #instafitness #igfitness #igfit #fitfam #dlb #danalinnbailey #robbailey #progress #vacation #roadtrip #thankyou #kaia

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Drinking my post workout shake at the front Dana was getting set to leave with Kaia. We said another little goodbye and she high-fived me as she left. Thanks, DLB, and sorry that you and Kaia both looked away right when I snapped this picture haha


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