My WHG Escape – Day 5 Second Last Full Day at WHG

My WHG Escape - Rob, Dana, and Kaia

All calories converted to GAINS at WHG

I woke up still down from my 180 marker I want to hold at for a few weeks. Yesterday was 175.8, today was 176. Not great considering I was consistently going up  (was sitting at average 179 for the week) and then suddenly started dropping. My food was even increased and cardio cut, yet I’m STILL dropping slowly.

I decided today I’d take matters into my own hands (sorry coach, I didn’t go too crazy)! I took some little known knowledge that Rob and Dana passed onto me, which is that all calories are converted to pure GAINNZZZ at the WHG. So I did what was necessary. Today was sushi day. Sushi on top of my other meals.

First place I checked out wasn’t all you can eat. I don’t comprehend sushi restaurants that aren’t all you can eat. You’re limiting your gains to your budget. Nonsense. Next place I found was definitely all you can eat. Here’s what happened.

My WHG Escape - Pre WHG Sushi

Mid-day madness!

After sushi things got pretty crazy. I went back to the hotel and slept for about 2 hours because I couldn’t be alive any longer.

The Gym

Then it was time to hit the gym. I didn’t want to miss the Baileys if they were going to be there… From hanging around with the front desk guys, I know they had a team meeting at 6, so I tried to get there by 5:30. When I walked in, DLB and Rob were already at the front desk. Were they on their way out? Damn it!

Tonight was chest and arms. One of my favourite workouts on my current training plan. There’s a triset that gets me completely pumped up and I love it. I got my gear on and walked out to the floor, and saw Dana and Rob still. Maybe they’d be sticking around!

I started with flat bench pyramid sets. I think my heaviest set was of 6 or 7 at 205, so nothing impressive. That’s after doing about 30-40 reps of bench though. Next was the big ol’ triset. This one is awesome. Incline dumbbells, dumbbell flyes, and then pushups until failure for a few rounds. Love it. I noticed at this point Ron and Dana were actually about to start training. Woo! Dana was getting set up to bench, and when I checked my next thing to do, it was cable flyes. Coincidentally, that happened to be directly beside DLB benching. So that’s where I went to!

So I’ll interrupt this little play-by-play with some thoughts I’ve been having while on this trip. Since I’ve been down here I’ve had a few conversations about “experiencing things”. Conversations are usually like “you should go check out this” or “you should go try that” or “you need to go there”. This has been a solo trip for me, and I guess the first one I’ve ever done on my own. In my opinion, there are certain things I want to experience but with other people. Walking through New York, or going to check out some landmark… Those are types of things I’d probably enjoy if I could be doing them with a friend or significant other… But on my own it might be kind of lame. Then there experiences like tonight. This is the kind of thing I’m okay being alone and enjoying, but with a friend or significant other would be awesome too. Something much more “in the moment”.

Check this video out below. This is an experience I got to have that you’ll likely never have in your life, #SorryNotSorry. The mighty Sarah deadlifting across from me, Kaia running around being fucking adorable, big Rob Bailey warming up on deadlifts, and across from him and beside me the amazing DLB hitting bench. This is what this trip was all about.

My WHG Escape - Rob, Dana, and Kaia

Unfortunately, little Kaia didn’t want to warm up to me while I was in that area. I did underhand tricep work next on the same set of cables (on my plan but in a different order, to maximize this experience). Then it was time for me to migrate. But that’s okay because it was time to smash some arms. Reverse barbell curls for mad reps. Next was dumbbell skull crushers superset with hammer curls. At this point., Dana and Rob were now working out next to me again. DLB smashing chest with dumbbells and Rob hitting some arms. Kaia came over too, and apparently decided we were friends now.

My WHG Escape - Love from Kaia

Kaia then jumped on the bench I was using and decided to shower me with kisses while I tried to do hammer curls, and when I was doing my skullcrushers she was licking my shins. Too much! 🙂

At this point I was technically done my workout (to be honest, this was supposed to be a rest day… don’t tell coach). I wanted to hit some more shit while I was at the WHG though, so I did cable curls, and then a rope pushdown + rope curl superset. One of my favourite tricep/bicep supersets. I wrapped everything up with some plate-loaded incline machine presses with an inward grip. Almost felt like a flye and a press mixed together.


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