My WHG Escape – Day 4 Second Day at WHG

My WHG Escape – Day 4 Second Day at WHG

Rise and shine!

Day 1 at the WHG was pretty epic. I got to get in a solid workout in an incredible gym, meet Dana and Rob, get on Dana’s SnapChat, see Dana train delts and back, and then talk with Dana even more after her workout session. I mean… how do you even top a day like that?

Well a good start would be waking up, checking the YouTubez, and then seeing you’re part of the reason for Rob’s title on his video.

Okay, good start. I’ll be able to remember these things forever 🙂

I like trying to set some goals regularly, so a couple things I wanted to improve on since yesterday included:

  • Drink more water… long drives and drinking water don’t mix well, so I was definitely under my water intake.
  • Spread meals out a little bit better. Again, driving + eating can be tricky when you have to pick up ground meat with your fingers.

Pretty achievable goals, especially now that I won’t be driving an entire day.

The Gym

Tonight was delts for me. Pretty awesome to be training delts in the same gym as Dana Linn Bailey since she’s known for having impossibly perfect shoulders. Some machines were set up perfectly for some supersets I had to do, so that was a nice surprise. Thanks WHG 😉

So my workout was something like reverse pec dec for rear delts superset with machine shoulder press (again, got to try out some plate loaded shit which I never see back home), front raises, high volume side raises superset with rear delt flyes, and then finished up with shrugs. Well, almost. Since I’m at the WHG I decided I should add in something a little extra because… because I can. I found the lateral raise machine I’ve seen Dana hammer reps on reps in her videos, so I gave that a shot to burn out my shoulders. Finally, I wrapped up with my typical core triset.

Day 2 at the @thewarhousegym complete. Got to chat with @danalinnbailey a bit again and meet Kaia (one of the @flagnorfailpups)! She’s absolutely adorable following Dana wherever she goes. . Tonight I smashed some delts. Dana has impossibly perfect shoulders, so it was really cool to crush shoulders in the same gym that she trains in. I have a feeling I’ll be a little bit sore tomorrow, but that’s okay. . Tomorrow is chest and arms… My current favourite. I’m going to get a dirty #warhousegym pump. Maybe pose in the basement after too! Yassssssssss!💪 . . . #dlb @robfuckingbailey #danalinnbailey #kaia #pitbull #flagnorfail @flagnorfail #fnf #isnfnf #delts #shoulders #traps #gym #training #pump #swole #workout #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #whg #thewarhousegym

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I got to see DLB hammering out some solid skwaaaaats toinight which was cool. Squats and deads. Kaia was also in the gym running around being adorable… She follows DLB everywhere she goes and it’s super cute. There was a couple of times DLB was walking out for her squat, and Kaia would snuggle up right beside her leg haha Poor pup!

Wrapping up the night

I showered at the gym and ate my last bit of food at the front desk. DLB was there with Kaia so we were hanging out there for a bit. She asked me if I had any issues getting to the hotel or anything like that but I got lucky thanks to GPS haha Again, just a totally mind-blowing experience getting to have casual conversations with DLB.

Thennnnn it was time to head to the hotel in the absolutely horrible rain. But I made it.

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