My WHG Escape – Day 3 First Day At WHG!

WHG Escape - Day 3 - The Basement

The drive

I won’t sugar coat it… the drive down to WHG in Pennsylvania is pretty boring. It’s about 7.5 hours from Waterloo Ontario, which isn’t awful, but it’s just boring. It’s even more boring when you don’t have a dog, friend, or girlfriend with you. But music definitely helps.

No traffic getting the the border crossing really, and the border agent didn’t hassle me much at all. He seemed pretty intrigued that I was going to see Dana and Rob at WHG, and started asking questions about The Arnold and stuff. Thankfully that went well because I wasn’t mentally prepared to have to dump $130 in prepped food for the week.

Once across, it was mostly small farms and little towns/villages the whole way. Seeing the giant windmills is always kind of neat, and getting to drive through the mountains is also pretty cool… but it can get old fast, especially if you’re not really sharing the experience with someone. Tried to soak it in though because it’s not a common thing to do.

As I got closer to WHG, I started driving through some small city-like areas and then once in Reading (they say it like “redding”, which threw me off, but that’s ‘Murica) I was a little taken back by how uh… not nice it was lol I learned later there’s nice areas and a not so nice areas (directly from DLB)!

Buuuut after seven and a half hours, I made it to WHG in one piece… With 72 mini donuts to give as a greeting.

Initial meet-and-greet

I walked in and was instantly greeted and made to feel at home. I told the guy at the front desk (haven’t got his name yet) that I’m from Canada and brought some donuts down, so he offered to help bring them in. He was pumped for that so things started off really well.

He signed me up for a short membership since I’ll be here until Saturday, so I got this cool little WHG membership card thingy I can scan. After that, we got into talking about Canada/US differences, lifting, etc… I had to choke back some food after the long drive, so that gave me some time to get that done.

As a few more staff rolled in, they were all excited about the donuts. Lot’s of “oh I need to be healthy” but nobody DIDN’T eat them 😛 Back to your diets!

The Gym

Tonight I had to work back. I got my pre-workout down and ventured into the change room. The whole place feels pretty raw, which is cool. It’s a nice change up from commercial gyms were everything almost seems a little bit too clean/organized. Don’t get me wrong, this gym is epic, but you don’t feel like you’re working out in a public library.

Smashed some rows in the deadlifting area… Nobody else was working there.

WHG Escape - Day 3 - Rows

Got my pulldown superset in using two sets of cables (which is impossible in a commercial gym). It was about at this time where I guess the music started to get a bit louder, so I could hear bass over my headphones. I popped those suckers out, and the rest of the time I was totally content with the loud music in the gym/ Does that happen ANYWHERE?! Dumbbell rows with some badass kilo dumbbells too.

WHG Escape - Day 3 - Rows

Next was Hammer Strength pulldowns on a plate loaded machine (which I don’t have at my gym). And I added in a seated row variation tonight just because I wanted to use the gym more 🙂 Followed everything up with some core, annnnd I was done.

Walking out of the change room I had one of the front desk guys power walking right toward me. He pointed at me and said “YOU! Come with me”.

Did someone get killed by a donut?

Dana and Rob

“Dana and Rob are here. They want to meet you” is what he followed up with. Um… Fuckin’ right. I wasn’t expecting to run into them on the first night… I was really just hopeful I’d get a chance to see them while down here.

I made it to the front and I guess Rob was in a different room. Dana was there though in the middle of a donut Snapchat. So my initial moments meeting Dana were on her Snapchat Oh, by which was awesome.

Couldn’t ask for more out of day 1 at @thewarhousegym… . Greeted by super friendly staff. I felt at home right away. We started talking about US/CAD differences in every day life. So many little things! . Had an awesome back workout. This gym is awesome. Loud music and killer playlist. Headphones went away after like 5 minutes. . Got to meet @danalinnbailey and @robfuckingbailey. They were thankful for the donuts and were willing to hear my story about traveling down. Dana spent a while with me checking out different hotels… They’re both incredibly real and genuine people. Even got onto DLB’s snapchat! . They were totally open to giving back to me and we tried to phone a friend to give her a smile, but we got hit with the dreaded voice mail. Hopefully she enjoys the message at least! . Not sure how day 2 can get any better than this, but we can always try 😊 . . . #dlb #flagnorfail @flagnorfail #warhousegym #whg #thewarhousegym #gym #lift #lifting #workout #vacation #roadtrip #success #epic #bodybuilding #fnf #isnfnf #payitforward #RAK

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She was thankful for me bringing the donuts down and wanted to know my story for traveling down. I’ll spare anyone reading this the details, but I just told her this was a trip I had planned to take someone on earlier in the year, and after having been down about it, decided I should do the trip myself because it’s still something I wanted to do.

Rob popped out of a side room and I introduced myself. While Dana was trying to get organized to lift, I gave Rob the same little rundown that I gave to Dana. I said that I had a friend that idolizes Dana, and it would be cool to give her something she may not ever get any other time in her life… So Rob and Dana were more than happy to try calling her to speak to her on the phone. First time through we couldn’t figure out what was up, but it was because my bluetooth headphones were still in and in my gym bag. So we called back but it went right to voice mail. Dana left a pretty funny voice mail, but she said we can try back another time.

I got to chat with Dana a little bit more about the area before she went to workout. I’ve heard other people say it, but now I know it first hand so I feel fine repeating it… Dana and Rob are two epic people that are so extremely down to earth and humble that it’s mind blowing. It’s easy to look up to them for so many different aspects in life.

I watched a bit of Dana’s training and Rob film a bit for YouTube as I finished up my food. Rob left before Dana and on his way out turned to me and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”. Yes, yes you will Rob. He then snuck some donuts.

When Dana was done she came over to the front desk again and I had another opportunity to chat with her. We talked about her injured wrist, goats, hotels, local things to do… Oh, by the way… this is a MISS OLYMPIA WINNER. Just thought I’d remind you if you weren’t already aware. We just hung out and talked and it was totally wicked.

When Dana was heading out, I got my shit together to leave too. She had helped me pick out a hotel not too far away, so that’s where I ended up 🙂


I did almost every single thing I wanted to do the first day I was down here. If that phone call would have been picked up, I would have been totally cool driving home right at that point. But I got until Saturday here to hopefully hang out with the Bailey’s a bit more, spread some smiles, and get jacked.

How can tomorrow even top this?

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