My WHG Escape – Day 2 Finish Prep+Packing


Finishing prepping for WHG

Yesterday I got all of my food bought up for my meals this week down at WHG, but today was allllll cooking. Cooking can be awesome, or it can suck. I don’t really know why, but I guess it depends on my mood. I had tunes blasting today but I wasn’t really feeling it. I had a little ricesplosion

Regardless, I got it all cooked up and I have my 6 meals for every day this week + Saturday set to go with me. I’m hoping I don’t have issues at the border but…we’ll see.

Packing for WHG!

So once all my food was prepped, it was time to figure out just what the hell I need to pack to survive my week down at WHG. I was super lucky because today something magical showed up:

And just like that, I had enough awesome new clothes to rock down at WHG every single day I’m down there this week! Couldn’t have timed things any better to be honest. Lots of new Flagnorfail goodies! So i got my day and gym outfits all setup:

And I’m just waiting for this final load of laundry to finish so I can get some other clothes out of my laundry basket… then I’ll use that sucker for traveling.

So clothes are all set (just waiting for that basket), got my toiletries ready to move into my bag after the morning, final stuff for food can go into bags after breakfast tomorrow, supplements are set for the week, my treats are all set… I got my passport beside me too, which I’ll probbbbbbbably need 🙂

What happens tomorrow morning then?

Tomorrow is the final bit of packing once I finish breakfast, including moving everything down to the X3. I need to make two pit stops before the border to get my last few Canadian goodies that I want to bring down to WHG. I hope they enjoy them!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned to see how day 3 (the first actual day at WHG) goes!

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