My WHG Escape – Day 1 Prepping

My WHG Escape - Day 1 Prepping

Why WHG?

2016 has been a crazy year for me. It’s been filled with ups and downs, happy moments, sad moments, periods of being impossibly busy, periods of feeling like nothing is happening, love, heartbreak, successes, failures… To date, this is the year in my life that has had the most variety of things going on and it’s been overwhelming,  to say the least.

Earlier this year I wanted to take a trip down to The Warhouse Gym (WHG) under different circumstances, but sometimes things change and don’t go as planned. I’ve been watching more of Dana and Rob on Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and coupled with a handful of additional events in my life, I realized this trip to WHG is still something I wanted to do. I have a boat load of vacation done so it’s happening.

What’s planned for the WHG Escape?

Well admittedly, taking a 7.5 hour drive to a different country to check out their gym seems a little odd to most people, I’m sure. My plan on this entire trip is to spend as much time at WHG as I can with the hope of meeting Dana, Rob, and their awesome WHG family in addition to bringing as many random acts of kindness to people that I can.

Reflecting on the past few months, one of the things that makes me truly happy is bringing happiness to others and expecting nothing in return. Whether it’s supporting a friend or physically helping someone that needs it, seeing a smile or knowing someone appreciates your time and effort makes me happy. I need a bit more of that right now so I’ll be:

  • Donating clothes to a local charity in Reading
  • Bringing some Canadian gifts to the WHG people in the form of snacks
  • Buying homeless people food (when I can) if I come across any of them
  • Offering to help WHG staff with anything they need
  • Offering assistance to anyone I come across where it appears as though I can help.

One of my personal goals is to get to talk to Dana and Rob. If it happens earlier in the trip I’ll likely spend less time at WHG waiting around for them… But otherwise I’ll be maximizing my time at WHG to hopefully cross paths. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high especially because I don’t want to bother them or anything, but it would be really awesome if it happened.

What’s still left to do before venturing off to WHG?

I’m still wrapping up a few things at home before I head down to WHG. The first thing was saying bye to my pup Lyla for the week. She’ll be in great hands with my parents and she’ll have a blast running around at their property. She loves it there, so I’m sure she’ll be happy while I’m gone. It was a little bit heart breaking getting our last cuddle in before I had to leave her, but as I said, she’ll be in good hands.

I got to have a training session with my coach today, which was awesome. His physique is freaky in person… it’s totally awesome. I got to learn and ask questions as we went through our workout, and shoot the shit a bit. Totally genuine guy, and I appreciated him taking the time out of his travel schedule to lift with me.

Meal prep for the week is the next big item on my list… Costco was closed by the time I got back into Waterloo, so I raided Sobeys. I’ll spend a good chunk of the day tomorrow cooking up meals for the entire week, and I’ll need to pack up for at least 5 days. Not sure what kind of issues I’ll have at the border bringing food across, but I’m hoping for minimal… I think worst case I can’t bring my veggies across, but I’m crossing my fingers.

After all the food is set, I just need to pack my clothes up (hopefully my Black Friday goodies are in from Flag nor Fail and I can bring them down to WHG), get my random stuff together, and pick up some last minute baked treats to bring down to the gym!

I’m really excited for this trip. WHG is supposed to be awesome, I’ll hopefully be ale to bring a few smiles to peoples’ faces, maybe I’ll get a chance to meet Dana and Rob, and ideally I get some closure that I’ve been looking for.

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