Off Season 1 – Week 7

Off Season - Week 7

Off Season Week 7

First of all, I didn’t actually just skip week 6 of my off season… I just didn’t end up documenting anything here on it. Woops! Update still went into my coach and all that, but there was no write up here.

I finished off another week of off season training by getting to check out the Oktoberfest Natural Classic at Bingeman’s today. I checked out the prejudging and the first half of the finals and thought it was awesome. I wanted to go to pay more attention to the actual process of the competitors on stage. The only show I had previously attended was for an ex-girlfriend, so all of my focus was on her for the day. I wasn’t really paying attention to the details of the mens bodybuilding competitors and how the whole process works. So today was all about learning, and I definitely enjoyed myself!


I nailed the diet right until the end of the week, but it was a minor hiccup. I cooked another batch of sweet potatoes one night and when I started eating them, I realized that they had gone bad. No good 🙁 The next day, I figured I’d get sweet potatoes from the grocery store after finishing up my cardio… Turns out the grocery store was out of sweet potatoes. Go fucking figure. Anyway, two days where I didn’t get sweet potatoes but I just had a touch more olive oil to make up for some calories. The good news is that weight is still slowly climbing, so things are working!

One of my past actions involved trying to shift my whole day to wake up earlier. This was for getting training in right after work and getting meals in before the end of the day. It’s been working great! I get my breakfast in right when I wake up, and I bought a Jaxx meal bag so I can crush three meals at work. That just leaves my post workout meal and one for before bed. I don’t feel like I’m rushing anything now!

I want to try and focus on scheduling my water a bit better. I’m still finding that I’m playing catch up or trying to blast too much water at once. However, if I eat 6 meals a day and I drink 700 ml of water (in my shaker) a bit after each meal, that gets me to 4.2 L pretty easily. My greens drink in the morning is 300 ml. So we’re up to 4.5 L. Then my pre/during workout drinks are another 1.4 L so we’re sitting just under 6 L. Seems pretty easy when I lay it out that way, but sometimes I find I’m trying to chug a shaker and a half of water for no good reason.


  • Schedule water between meals to spread out the water intake!


Training is still kicking my ass, which is great, but I’m certainly noticing progression. Some movements have been kept around from the first set of workouts provided by my coach. The number of reps, number of sets, or placement of the movement within the overall workout might be different, but regardless of all of those variables I have found that every single one of my lifts I can move more weight for more reps. Realistically because of the amount of volume, we’re not talking like adding 50 lbs to my bench or something, but a few pounds here and there for a couple of more reps here and there.

As I mentioned under diet, I’ve been waking up earlier and hitting the gym right after I leave work. This has been absolutely awesome. The gym is busy as fucking hell, but I’m definitely going to keep this up. The amount of time I find I have in a night has increased significantly, and I’m in bed by 10:30 now getting more sleep overall. It’s great!

Because I get one day off of training per week, I want to start using that to nail down my posing while I’m still really far out. Everyone always says that people forget about it and try to learn it last minute, and it can really make or break you in a competition… I know I can put in the hard work for the diet and the training, so I don’t want posing to fall short and hold me back.


  • Dedicate time on my off day for posing.

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