Off Season 1 – Week 5

Off Season - Week 5

Off Season Week 5

Another week of off season down! Everything is habit now. I still haven’t missed meals (aside from my trip to Ottawa the other week) and I’ve been nailing my water intake and training. Things are going well, and I’m definitely becoming more confident in all aspects of my life. I’m developing goals for how how I want to look, how I want to feel, and where I want to be and all of that is really helping to bring a positive aspect to my life. Leveraging this off season to focus on self improvement will hopefully keep my motivation high all the way through until I have prep (months and months from now), and ideally I can keep the positive attitude up as I diet down.


Coach had increased my macros by a little bit this week. My weight has been pretty consistent and my body composition has been changing for the better, but we’d like to see if we can pack on some more mass still. Baby steps. I had increased my breakfast and first meal calorie intake by a little bit, but weight stayed identical. When it came time to meal prep this weekend, I noticed I had messed up! I had actually failed to increase my macros around my workout meals as prescribed by my coach! Ugh… I totally missed the increased numbers for these two meals!


  • Actually add the increased macros to ALL the meals this time 🙁


I killed absolutely all of my workouts this past week. My focus and drive has been insane, and I couldn’t ask for more in this area. I get in with high energy, and I leave feeling like I couldn’t have squeezed out another rep on anything if I tried. Still recovering totally fine with no DOMS whatsoever. Must be all the BCAAs around my workout… and food in general haha

I wanted to comment on one of my diet actions from last week for this training section. I’ve historically been a 9PM gym goer. For years now. I’m not a morning person by any means, so the thought of trying to lift in the morning regularly kind of makes me uneasy… The thought of going right after work has made me uneasy too just because there are SO many people at the gym. Butttt I gave it a shot. I went out of my comfort zone and tried it out by the end of the week last week. I woke up earlier, got into work at a decent time, and then hit the gym right after work… and it was AWESOME. Sure, it was busy, but it’s hard to give a fuck when you’re so focused on your workout. I also got out of the gym at a decent time and had a whole evening to myself.

I’ll ABSOLUTELY be making this part of my habit now. I should have listened to my ex that tried to convince me to do this… But hey, I’m stubborn. Lesson learned! Who knows, maybe if I get in the habit of this I might experiment with a morning workout. Things change, right?

Speaking of change… ALL of my workouts are now changed up for the next 6 to 8 weeks! I’m excited to try my new split out… so stay tuned!


  • Stick to waking up early and hitting the gym right after work… Maybe try waking up even earlier?!
  • Get ready to crush the new training split!

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