Off Season 1 – Week 4

Off Season - Week 4

Off Season Week 4

Back on the off season grind with no hiccups again! Feels awesome to be able to nail diet and training every single day without deviating from the plan. I had a couple of tweaks I wanted to try out compared to the week before, but with all of this stuff… being consistent overall is the most important. So… I’m happy with that!


No real big change here. Food is a struggle to get down. It’s just a ton of food to manage per meal. One of my previous actions was to try and experiment with mid day meals to see if I could lighten the burden of eating so much after work. This was a bit of a failure and probably still warrants another shot.

So why was this a failure? Technically, I did what I said I would. I ate a pre-lunch and a post lunch meal. The actual issue was that I still ended up eating my post workout meal and another meal RIGHT after before bed, which ends up being a crazy amount of food to try and get down. So while moving more meals up earlier in the day was okay, it didn’t address the real problem of trying to eat so much at once right before bed.


  • This one probably isn’t going to happen over night… but I think it’s worth trying to shifft my workouts to be earlier. It might mean working out right after work or something, which would be a huge adjustment for me. It might help with meal timing though. I’ll see if I can try a few days this week going a bit earlier and see how that affects meals.


I had an insane amount of focus the past week while training. I was constantly in the zone. I’m not sure if this is an off season only type of thing, but I’m hoping I can keep focus like that when I’m ACTUALLY in prep. I’m assuming it’ll be more difficult because of reduced food and energy, but… Gotta keep that momentum going as long as I can!

I’m not sure if there”s much I want to tweak this week. Last week’s action was playing with the low/high rep limits and the weight used on different exercises. I just found with my focus I could bump up the weight a little bit on everything and still hit the top of the rep range. Probably worth keeping this action¬†around!


  • Same as before. Continue to experiment with how much weight can be used and how that affects the mind-muscle connection and my ability to stay in the rep range.

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