Off Season 1 – Week 3

Off Season - Week 3

Off Season Week 3


Definitely noticing some improvements in week 3 of my off season training, but some were for the better and others for the worse. This week was the first time so far in off season that I couldn’t nail down the diet. Actually, that’s unfair to say. I should take responsibility and say that I chose not to nail the diet. I had a business trip to Ottawa this past week and travelling with meals and vitamin supplements inside of checked luggage just wasn’t something I was willing to do. However, I DID make some sacrifices to nail my training, so I was proud of that.



As I mentioned, this week was the first time I didn’t crush my diet so far in off season. Reflecting on it, part of me regrets not doing it because I proved I wasn’t willing to do anything it would take, but part of me is happy that I was able to maintains some sort of balance. i think there’s a level of comfort with being so far out from a show that I was willing to make that sacrifice… But that’s not something I can continue to do.

Otherwise, food wasn’t any easier to get down this past week. I found myself chewing meals and forcing myself to swallow food. It was certainly a struggle. Sometimes I’d be finishing eating at 1am to try and get the last little bit of food down… but I did it.

Next week I want to experiment a bit with meal timing. If I can get two lunches in during the day at work, that might make my evening meals a bit easier to get down. Otherwise, after work I’m eating 4 meals plus two workout shakes. It’s a LOT to get down during that time frame.

Water was probably the only thing that got easier this week from the diet perspective. Aside from travelling, I was able to get water down every day. I’d even find that if I didn’t slam enough water in the morning, my mouth would actually dry up… so I NEED a couple liters of water before lunch or my mouth feels dry. Neat šŸ™‚


  • Experiment with mid-day meals to see if eating in the evening gets any easier.



Training is getting better and better as off season progresses. I had someĀ things resurface this past week that were getting to me, but it really helped me get focused in the gym. It’s unfortunate really, but channeling negative energy during workouts is just incredibly effective for helping to push through.

I thought I’d be able to add in more reps/sets on everything this week, but as I continued to bump the weight up a bit more on my exercises, the amount of volume continued to be totally challenging.

Next week I want to continue experimenting with weight and pushing my reps. There are some prescribedĀ movements that have a target rep range, so I’ll see if I feel it more by using a heavier weight and hitting the low end of the rep range, or a lighter weight and hitting the high end of the rep range. Could totally vary from movement to movement.


  • ContinueĀ to experiment with weight and rep ranges on various movements to see what feels best.

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