Off Season 1 – Week 2

Off Season - Week 2

Off Season Week 2

Another week down in off season with no bumps in the road. Feeling pretty awesome about that. Still, it’s only two weeks into something that’s going to take over a year to even build up to a a base that I’m comfortable and confident with. It’s two weeks into something that will be a lifestyle change for years to come.

But it’s also been two weeks that have been really awesome!


Last week I had an action to try and nail down water consumption by using check points. I actually thought this worked pretty well during the work week because I could aim to have  around 3L of water consumed by lunch time. If by lunch I wasn’t already at 3L, it meant that my afternoon back in the office after getting my dog outside would consist of a LOT of water. So to avoid the discomfort, I tried to hit about 3L in the morning.

Another little trick I picked up is this deadly combo:

  • You drink more water so you need to piss more. No surprise there. When you feel you gotta go, finish up whatever water you have and bring the empty container with you. Go piss, and then immediately fill up your water container so you have it back with you at your desk ready to keep pounding back some good old H2O.
  • Every time you fill up your water, have a good little chug session at the tap, cooler, or fountain. I found that I was often able to drink around a third of my water container even before getting back to my desk! So I’d drink about a third and top it back up.

So is it still hard for me to hit 5L? I wouldn’t say it’s EASY, but it’s getting better. Weekends are still a bit trickier because they aren’t as routine for me. I’ll need a better strategy.

Getting all of the food down is still a chore. I find that between meals I might get a bit hungry (which is good), but when it comes time to hammer a meal back I fill up pretty quickly. It’s just a lot of food all at once. I’m going to try taking my time a bit more when I eat so that I don’t feel like I’m trying to get ALL this food down in a very short period of time.


  • Take time eating meals so that it feels like less of a chore.



Training this past week was awesome. I’ve already started to get comfortable with the new exercise selection, which was one of my past actions from last week. A couple of examples:

  • When I do underhand tricep pulldowns (with the cables), if I keep my elbows wide I can REALLY feel my triceps light up. With my elbows right at my side I can move more weight, but when they’re flared a bit it burns like crazy.
  • Skull crushers don’t need to be heavy as a finisher… I go quite light on these and go pretty slow. I try to make sure my elbows are held pretty tight (not super flared) and I move the bar really slowly.  By rep 8 or so things go from being pretty standard to an inferno in my triceps.
  • Dumbbell pullovers are totally cool. You can focus on your pecs OR your lats depending on your back position and what you try to engage. This has been an awesome new tool to add to the exercise selection.

After my checking with the coach, I let him know that on certain upper body days I can probably squeeze out a bit more volume as my body adapts to the exercises. He said no worries, and if I can get a couple more sets/reps then I should try to push it. Leg day will be a different story.


  • Try getting a few more reps or sets on upper body days. Let coach know if I was able to do a bit more so he can understand where my baseline is relative to what he’s prescribed so far.

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