Front Squats – Lifting Log

Front Squats - Lifting Log

Front Squats

Tonight was another squat session (what else is new, right?). I’m dreading front squats less and less as my mobility improves so coming into the gym and trying to attempt a new PR for my front squats is actually kind of fun. I feel like my ability to grind through some reps on front squats is actually pretty decent, and every time I watch a video of me grinding through, I’m actually pleasantly surprised with my form. ¬†With front squats, I feel like my biggest issue is dealing with balance, and sometimes when the weight is heavy it only takes a little bit of movement to make me feel like I’m going to tip right forward.

Started the workout with my usual banded hip mobility and kettle bell front squat drill. Some dude and his friend/girlfriend/sister were skipping right in front of the squat rack, so I had the awkward conversation of “hey, are you actually using this, or can I?”. Fortunately he was pretty friendly and didn’t hesitate to move his towel from the rack. Unfortunately though, his friend/girlfriend/sister decided it would be okay to continue to skip almost directly behind where I need to squat. (Important to note that this is in the personal training area that’s generally closed off from general members AND this is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) Goodlifes in Canada).

I checked the number I wanted to beat tonight… 205 for 4 reps. Decided it would be smart to ramp by doubles so that I wouldn’t be gassed for my final set of 4 at 210. I figured a 5 pound PR would be a small but doable jump, and as I ramped the weight, I think that was a smart decision since I wasn’t feeling all that strong tonight. I hit it though, and had a little audience:

My accessory work was banded lowbar pause squat doubles ramping up to 275ish from 235. Felt pretty good. Finished it off with a set of 4 at 295 with no pause. I figured I should get some lunges in today too (not sure where all of the time went) so I did walking lunges with a 95 pound barbell and superset that with situps.

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