Squatting Lifting Log



Today was supposed to be a benching day, but some of my closest friends are coming up to visit tomorrow and wanted to crush some bench. So what’s that leave me with? I get to squat. I love to squat, but trying to wrap my head around hitting 8×270 was a bit scary. Buttt there’s nothing like posting up at a squat rack at the end of the week late at night and grinding out some reps.

Started with my normal warmup of banded hip stretches and kettle bell front squats. On my second set of kettle bell front squats I could already feel my hips had opened up a ton, and by the third set I could actually sit as close as ass-to-grass as possible with no discomfort. My hip mobility has been improving lately and I’m not totally sure what I’ve changed. From there, I ramped from 135, 225,¬†for triples and 255 for a double. I did a few sets at 135 until I felt I could fly out of the hole with no issues, but I didn’t want to waste a ton of energy on my other sets leading up to my working sets. 8×270 was tough. But I don’t feel like it was any more difficult than when I did 8×260 about a month ago. My 3x6x270 back-off sets were definitely slower than I wanted them to be, but they were nothing that I couldn’t power through.


After my working sets, I hit some lighter walking lunges using kettle bells for a change. No real reason, just wanted to mix it up. After that, I hit highbar pause-squat doubles from 135 up to 235 and superset all of that with crunches/abwheel.

Picture is of the car because¬†getting into a lowered car after blasting your legs is… the worst. I shouldn’t have slammed it down before I went to lift, but I’ll learn some day.

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