Squatting – Lifting Log

Squatting - Lifting Log


Today was day one of my third cycle of Strength Theory. I’ll post in the next couple of days to touch on my results from the second cycle. I was expecting tonight to be kind of rough. I went out last night (for the first time since New Years Eve, I think?) so I was a big hungover and demotivated. I was actually considering taking a rest day today, especially because last night was record setting deadlifts and tonight was scheduled to be high volume squatting… But I still went in.

I started my squat warmup in typical fashion. I still rock some static lunges with bands to stretch out my hips and mix that in with some kettle bell front squats. Over the past couple of days, I’ve REALLY noticed my hips loosening up in the hole, which is totally cool. I think it’s been helping that I’m stretching my hips more on deadlift days and it’s carrying over nicely into my squatting days. When I start to feel warm, I do pause reps of highbar squats with 135. I repeat all of this until I feel that I can smoothly do a highbar squat and smoothly rep out my kettlebell front squats. It’s an awesome gauge for me because if those two things feel good, my lowbar back squat makes my hips feel like butter.

Ramping sets were pretty short. Few triples at 135, a triple at 185, and a triple at 225. From there, I belted up for another triple at 225 (more just to get a set in with the belt). After that, it was time for 10×250. Easiest way for me to look at a big set of 10? It’s just 3 triples and a single! Orrrr it’s just 2 sets of 4 and a double… Orrr… you get the idea. I break it up in my head before I do it, and then I try to split up my pauses/breaths for that. And you know what? 10×250 was actually not hard. Because my prescribed weight fell between 250 and 255 tonight, I did my 3×8 after my top set at 255. Those sets were kind of rough, but hey, I got ’em done and I’m confident I could go heavier next time. It’s a good start for sure.

The rest of my workout was just leg machines. This time through strength theory, I want to make sure I’m getting more total volume in. Way back when, I used to do huge pyramids and dropsets on the leg press. I attribute my leg size basically all to this because there was a period of time where my legs exploded in size while I was working hard a that. The past year or so, I’ve been getting way more total squat volume. I think it’s time to mix it back up! I hit up leg press for a big and could definitely feel my hips had taken a beating from my squats. Then some quad extensions afterward. I finished up with the ab wheel and some cable crunches.

Here’s a couple of sets from tonight!

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