Bench Press – Lifting Log

Bench Press - Lifting Log

Bench Press

Tonight was the the light workout scheduled before my PR attempt workout at the end of my Strength Theory cycle. It can be a little demotivating going into the gym and thinking “damn, I’m not even going heavy today”, but you need to look for some positive spins. And since I need to workout my tris and bis in the same workout… I could make it a sweet arm day after my prescribed sets!

I only had a couple warmup sets tonight on the bench. I haven’t been stretching too much prior to upper body work, but I find a few warmup sets with the bar and sub 100 lbs works well. I only had to hit 5x3x160 tonight, so I breezed through that. I tried to focus on using as much control as I could on the way down, and being as explosive as possible on the way up. I also took pretty short rests because the amount of work was pretty low. I followed that up with some incline dumbbell presses, taking the 70’s for a spin for three sets of eight, and superset that with some curls. No crazy weight. No crazy volume. Nice and light.

I hit overhead tricep extensions superset with  both hammer curls and narrow grip spider curls on the preacher bench. My arms felt pretty pumped at this point, so things were going well. Next was dips superset with pushdowns on the assisted dip knee pad. My triceps were definitely on fire at this point, but I’ve been trying to get some work with dips more often now since I’ve neglected dips for a while. Tricep rope pulldowns superset with rope hammer curls were next, and definitely a solid finisher for my arms. Holding the rope for hammer curls at the peak of the contraction is a crazy burn.

To finish off my workout, I blasted out a couple of sets of a chest machine. I’m not a huge fan of any machine really, but it’s a nice way to get a bit of a pump in my chest after my triceps are torched. I decided to get a tiny bit of back work in since I think my total back volume is a bit lower on Strength Theory. I used the narrow grip DD handle for a few sets of pulldowns, and even tried a couple of sets of straight arm lat pulldowns (which seem to be the latest fad for everyone at my gym).

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