Bench Press – Lifting Log

Bench Press - Lifting Log

Bench Press

I was out pretty late last night, but I feel like I got a reasonable amount of sleep + an hour nap during the day. I wasn’t totally psyched up to hit the gym or anything though… But I wasn’t feeling overly sluggish either. Wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of performance tonight.

Warmed up on the bench with the bar for a pile of reps and then ramped up with 95, 135, 165, 185 for triples. My working sets tonight were 3×3 at 195 and then 3×1 at 205. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of putting wrist wraps on for my top sets to try and protect my wrists a bit (while not building too much of a dependency on them). There’s a bit of a mental component that comes along with them too, because it makes me think I’m more “unbreakable”. Anyway, top sets went up despite weights like 185 feeling kind of heavy. By the time I was hitting my top singles, it was much easier than hitting the triples at 195.

For my accessory work, I hit incline bench with dumbbells for some 10 rep volume superset with bicep curls. I’m definitely a big fan of hitting biceps in between my chest accessory work… I find my triceps get obliterated pretty fast, but if I hit biceps in between it helps to keep my triceps alive. I’m not sure what the science is there (if any) or if it’s strictly a mental thing. I did a weird dip superset consisting of dips + assisted dip machine pushdowns (i.e. just bending over the assisted dip knee pad and pushing it down with my hands) + hammer curls. I finished it off with some overhead tricep extensions superset with reverse babrell curls (one of my favourites for frying my forearms) and a few reps blasted out on one of the chest machines.

I’m determined to set another bench PR at the end of this Strength Theory cycle.

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