Sumo Deadlifts – Lifting Log

Sumo Deadlifts - Lifting Log

Sumo Deadlifts

Over the past few days, hitting macros has been challenging for whatever reason and I haven’t totally figured it out. Perhaps a lack of focus and putting off meals to work on other things is playing a bit of a problem. At some point in the day, I realized I was pretty behind on carbs so I whipped up a big batch of pancakes for my sumo deadlifting workout.

Warmups for sumo and conventional deadlifts haven’t been that consistent recently and I can’t really find what I like. I do a mix of light hamstring stretches, some basic hip stretches, and then a few sets of Romanian deadlifts just to get some tension on my hamstrings. I take my time on my warmup sets too. If I need to do 5 sets of 8 at 135 lbs before I feel warm, then I’ll do it. I’m not sure how much of an effect the volume has on my overall performance (which is my only concern, really), but it certainly gets me to a point where I feel warm and ready to go.

I ramped up with triples to around 275 and then did a belted single at 315. I had six work sets of 325 for three reps, so nothing too heavy and I’m happy that the rep range is below five. I didn’t feel as explosive as I wanted to on my lifts, especially at the beginning, but towards the end things were certainly improving. Trying to get a handle on not squatting the weight up, but rather pulling the bar a few inches up and then driving my hips forward. The struggle is real.

I finished up my workout with Romanian deadlifts, some row variations, and then assisted strict pullups at a very slow tempo superset with hyperextensions. One of the row variations I’ve really been liking is a kettle bell row superset in with my barbell rows. It’s pretty basic, but trying to maintain a mostly horizontal back really helps get my lower back fired up (and it’s a huge weakness of mine).

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