Squats – Lifting Log

Squats - Lifting Log


Haven’t posted a lifting log in a while, but I figured after a solid night of squatting I’d post ‘er up. I’m now into my “second week” of Strength Theory for my squats on my second cycle of the program. I use quotes because I follow the 3/week squat program but squat every other day. So far, things are looking sweet.

I follow my typical warmup pattern that I like for my squat days. I loosen my hips up with a band, do some paused kettle bell front squats, and a couple singles/doubles of highbar pause squats. All of these are really just movements to help my hips open up. As I’ve said a million times now, my hips are surely one of the really big limiting factors in my squats when they’re not warmed up. So far, for me this does the trick. If I start to notice tight hips after following this for a longer period of time, I’ll consider switching up how I warm up my hips.

The workout tonight still wasn’t *THAT* heavy, but I’m dealing with some higher volume than I’m used to (considering I like squatting in the single to triple range). Tonight I had to hit a top set of 8 and a few backoff sets at the same weight. I started by ramping with triples with no belt or wraps, and once I passed 225, I tossed on a belt for 245. Didn’t need it, but my next set was my top working set at 260, so I didn’t want a belt to feel like a surprise on my top set. I added in wrist wraps too because the last thing I want is for my wrists to give me grief during my top set. 8 reps were a grind, but I managed to get them out. The next few backoff sets were also pretty challenging, but I think they’re the perfect level of challenging… They seem hard but within reach if I put my mind to it.

Here are a few videos of some reps for the night:

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