Strength Theory – Squat Cycle Complete

Strength Theory - Squat Cycle Complete

Strength Theory Round 1…

If you’ve been following along at all, you’ll know that I started doing some Strength Theory based workouts. I wanted to stick to squatting every other day, so while the recommendation for the plan I picked is to do it 3 times per week, I’m only off by a little bit. I hate aligning things to a week because it means if anything pops up outside of my gym life, it throws a wrench in the whole process. So I’ve finished up my squat portion of strength theory a little bit before my deadlift and bench portion, but that’s okay.

Here’s what I’ve found from the first round of Strength Theory for my squats:

  • My front squat is not AS bad as I thought. With a belt and some good tunes on, I can hit over 200 lbs for a few reps. Previously, I thought I could *maybe* touch 200 for a single.
  • My highbar squat is also not as bad as I thought. While my highbar is certainly not as great as my lowbar (for the obvious center of gravity reason AND the fact that I have years more training low bar), it’s catching up. Two days ago I actually pause squat 245 lbs highbar for two reps… at the end of my entire squat workout… and I don’t even know what kind of a PR that is.
  • Various rep ranges for my lowbar back squat are relatively on-point with one rep max calculators, which is good. I’m unbalanced when it comes to very low reps vs mid-high reps, which I was happy to see.

What didn’t I like? I didn’t get to box squat at all. I didn’t use bands/chains in there (short of *some* accessory work with bands, despite it not being suggested). I’m going to use this period of time while my bench/deadlift phases wrap up to actually hit on some of the stuff I felt I was missing:

  • Some super heavy low rep box squats
  • Box squats with chains
  • Banded squats as the main lift

So while this isn’t necessarily suggested by Strength Theory, I’m doing this because I like these movements. I want to do these movements, and I want to be better at them.

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