Strength Theory Progress

Strength Theory Progress

Strength Theory… So Far.

Well, first thing’s first: I’m definitely digging what Omar Isuf put together for Strength Theory. I’ve said it before, but the Strength Theory workouts aren’t all that different from how I’ve been training recently either, which made getting on board with them pretty easy. The workouts have been great at getting me to lift in different rep ranges, focus on a few lifts I’ve been neglecting a bit, and force me to lift at near my maximum levels.

So what have I noticed so far?

  • My close grip bench is pretty terrible. I’ve always thought my triceps were reasonably strong because I bench narrow and my arms are a decent size for my height, but… Damn. My triceps are super weak.
  • My front squat is better than I initially thought. I’m always a little hesitant about front squatting heavy or going for more reps… But so far I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone and Strength Theory has allowed me to prove to myself that I CAN be better at front squatting.
  • Deadlifting for more than a couple of reps leaves me completely broken down. It’s something that I thought would be easy, but each deadlifting session with Strength Theory I find myself surprised at how weak I am.
  • My back squat is surprisingly well-rounded in different rep ranges. I have historically had two modes for squatting: as heavy as I can for very few reps, or a crap-ton of volume. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I can hit sets of 5, 8 and 10 without dying.

So with that said, Strength Theory has been great. One thing I know I’m missing out on is my box squat, which is a lift I love and I’m not getting any of it during Strength Theory… I may take  a week off of Strength Theory squats at the end of the cycle to get a couple sessions of box squatting in (i.e. medium volume then a session to try a new max), but I have yet to fully decide. Hoping to smash a new back squat PR within a week though!

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