Box Squats – Lifting Log

Box Squats - Lifting Log

Box Squats

Tonight was the heavy variation of my workout centered around squats. I still squat every other day and have one of the two days dedicated toward getting as much weight on the bar as possible (leveraging a box,┬ábands, chains, lowbar, etc…) and the other either on different styles of squats or more volume. Tonight I wanted to break my record for triples on box squats.

Typical warmup from me… Bands for the hips, light kettlebell front squats to lube up the joints… Nothing new. 135 on the box for a few reps, 225 for a few reps, 275… and then the 300+ territory. The other day I posted (did I blog about it, or just IG?) that I got pinned on the box with only 355 on. I was trying to go for 4 reps or something, and on rep 3 I got stuck. Tonight, I wanted to smash that. I wanted to hit 365 for 3, and I knew I felt confident. To be clear, a little bit of ephedrine with your caffeine can make you extremely confident in your lifts! And, so be it. I hit a new PR of 3×365 on the box. Being a curious fellow, I checked out some one rep max calculators online. At least the three different ones I checked suggested my one rep max would be 390… and if anyone actually reads any of these posts, you may have seen that 390 is ACTUALLY my tested one rep max. Crazy that it was accurate.

I hit some accessory squatting movements, but I was mostly just excited that I smashed the PR. I treated myself to a few extra forearm movements for the night and left feeling pretty pumped physically and mentally. Awesome lift.

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