Volume Squats – Lifting Log

Volume Squats - Lifting Log

Volume Squats

Saturday night was pretty low key… But it all started off with a brutal leg session of course. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a 10×10 squat workout, so that was on the menu. Last 10×10 ladder I did I ended up at 200 lbs, so of course I set to hit 5 lbs heavier this time around.

As part of my leg/squat warmup ritual, I’ll lunge with some bands on and flex my butt/hips to make sure things are feeling good. I alternated this with some light kettlebell squats which I use as a gauge to see how limber I am. It’s pretty incredible really… My first set with the kettlebells and I feel like nothing works… Second set things are significantly better, but not perfect.. Sets 3 (or 4+ depending how things are feeling) just get better and better. I attribute some of my more recent squatting success to this… Instead of trying to warm up with the bar under some sort of load, this allows me to get moving and actually test out how I feel.

Other than that… The workout was pretty boring! I was supposed to start my working sets at 160, but I can’t count and had 170 on the bar. I realized after the first set when I was trying to add 5 lbs and realized I’d have to take off weight to hit 165. I stuck at 170 for the first three sets before I continued on the ladder… All the way to 205. I tossed a belt on at 185 so that I could squat without the belt when I certainly didn’t need it, and then leverage the belt as I started to get more tired. I think it worked out perfectly. Even on set 10 I was able to hit two mini triple sets within the 10 reps. It was proof to myself that I could still get the speed even after doing 90 squats. In total, it ended up being 18400 lbs of volume over 100 squats.

After all the volume squats, I took that sweet picture at the top of this post. I then proceeded to do walking lunges with 95 lbs… Nothing heavy, and only 3 sets of 6 steps per side. It was enough to feel like my butt was cramping by the time I finished it up. I finished the whole workout with some shoulder mobility drills (which I’ve been completing on target EVERY SINGLE DAY since my physio assessment)., some biceps (obviously), and some core. The regular core work and the macro¬†consistency with meeting macros is starting to ever so slightly have a positive impact on how I look. My weight is pretty steady around 155 lbs, but I feel like I’m closer to having abdominal definition… which isn’t my top goal, but if it happens, that’s cool.

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