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Personal Bests

Latest Personal Bests

Well, to start… Just wanted to call out that I figured I’d add a page to track my personal best lifts. I’ve done this in a few spots over the past couple of years, and then I never really know where my actual best lifts are. For example, I know I’ve pulled 405 conventional… But did I wear a belt? How much did I weigh? When did that happen? Nobody knows, so I’m not counting it.┬áThe newly added page is over here, so check it out. Keep your eye on it for more personal bests from me.

This week I had a few noteworthy lifts that I figure I’d mention. First, I hit a new all time heavy squat in the form of a box squat. At 150 lbs body weight, I squatted 390 lbs without a belt, sleeves, or wraps of any sort down to a box and back up again for a single. The descent down to the box was actually comfortable, but once on the box I had to get really aggressive to stand back up. I was nervous I might get pinned, but when you have that weight on your back it’s either stand up or die.

The following day I maxed out on conventional deadlifts by accident because I busted out the belt. As I mentioned above, I’ve pulled 405… I don’t know when or with what equipment, so I’ll start fresh and call 390 my new conventional max… Max with a belt, that is. I still feel like deadlifting with a belt is a different lift than a normal deadlift so I’ll track those separately. I wasn’t expecting to pull a top single that day so my set progression could have been better. Definitely opened my eyes as to how weak my lower back and abs are.

Last night I broke through a bit of a bench plateau. I hit 215 for a triple. About a week ago I hit it for a double, which I feel like I was able to do for the past year or so. I could hit 225 for a single on a good day, and 215 for a double on a good day. I added that extra rep in yesterday without a spot, liftoff, wraps… nothing. It was a grind and it was heavy as shit… But I got it up.

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