Progress Update – Squats

Progress Update - Squats

Squat Progress

Still not too regular on the updates, but that’s just fine. I’m still getting into the gym every single day. Current split has been ever so slightly modified to the following:

  • Day 1
    • Heavy squat variation for triples/doubles/singles (generally, box squats)
    • Heavy squat variation for 5’s, 4’s, or 3’s (Lowbar squats, banded lowbar, banded highbar)
    • Deadlift variation for high/moderate volume (tons of options here, but not pulling less than triples unless I’m going super light for speed)
    • Abs/Biceps
  • Day 2
    • Heavy deadlift variation for anything between 5 reps to singles
    • Deadlift variation for more volume or speed
    • T-Bar or barbell rows
    • Hyper extensions
    • Lower back isometric holds or row machine variation
  • Day 3
    • Volume squat variation (every 3-4 times I’ll toss in an insane 100+ squat workout)
    • ORRRRR pause squat variation. Generally both of these get done on this day
    • Front squat variations (pause or not)
    • Leg press or walking lunges (generally I reserve walking lunges for the huge volume days)
    • Abs/biceps
  • Day 4
    • Bench press (currently doing a heavy phase, but when I plateau will flip back to high volume+speed)
    • Dumbbell press variation
    • Pullups
    • Dumbbell rows
    • Tricep finishers (sometimes mixed with biceps so I can get a dirty pump)
    • And I sprinkle in overhead pressing in favour of my accessory work on some days

This lets me hammer my legs in some way 50-75% of my gym sessions, and back 50% of my gym sessions. I’m really happy with this split right now and I feel like I’m making progress in my squatting because of it.

So where am I for squatting? I still don’t know exact numbers off the top of my head… Maybe it’s time I re-measure where my lifts are at. I do know that I’m getting a lot more comfortable with the different variations of squats and everything from my torso down is feeling great during squats. Only problem spots right now are my left shoulder (which has had reduced mobility for months… or maybe even a year now) and my wrists have recently started acting up under heavier loads. I’ve ordered some Gangsta Wraps from Mark Bell’s store, so I’m pumped to get those.

I’m still loving my box squats… They definitely allow me to go the heaviest that I can with weight on ┬ámy back. I think my last recorded one rep max was 385 without a belt. I’ve also been loving banded squats because it lets me build up the confidence of walking out a heavy weight, and then being able to squat it (because it’s obviously lighter in the hole). It’s kind of like having someone there to spot you and push you a little bit further on your final sets.

Still aiming to hit:

  • 4 plates on the box squat in the near future… Perhaps by the end of the year.
  • Pause squat 300 cleanly (for at least a second… just no bounce)
  • Pause squat 250 for 5 seconds (could do 225 for around 4ish seconds right now)
  • … Actually figure out a true 10 rep max without bands/chains etc…

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