Bench Press – Lifting Log

Bench Press - Lifting Log

Bench Press: Time For Change!

It’s been a while… I’d say too long since I’ve posted any updates. I’ve IG’d a few pictures here and there, ┬ábut I haven’t given any status updates as to where I’m at. I wanted to write this last night, but I put it off. So, I’m writing it now for yesterday’s workout.

I hit a point a few weeks ago where I admitted my bench had stagnated. I would hit triples/doubles/singles always around the same weights, and nothing was really getting better. I was consistent, but consistently not improving. So I did what I hate doing… Give up the ego and reset.

The two things I’ve set out to tackle:

  • Improve my 10 rep max for bench
  • Improve my speed of the barbell

Here’s how it’s shaping up

The Bench Workout

As I’ve been doing the past few weeks, I started off my bench workout with 10 sets of triples. I’ve picked a weight that looks and feels embarrassingly light for me to say is my working weight… But I pile on all of 125 lbs and go to town on it. My goal is to get 10 sets of three in with very short breaks and explode every single rep. Yesterday, I hit these sets with absolutely no issue (because it’s light as fuck) but also noticed the bar speed improving as the sets went on.

After the triples, I hit one set of five with a little bit more weight, and then I went for my 10 rep max. I’ve been doing this pattern for a few weeks now, and I’ve gone from a 10 rep max at 150 lbs (which again, is embarrassing to write) up to 180 lbs as of yesterday. Every four days or so when I do this workout again I tack on five more pounds. Yesterday 180 lbs was a grind, so perhaps next bench session will actually be my true 10 rep max at 185 lbs. We’ll see!

My accessory work yesterday was a 5×5 on incline dumbbell press with 70’s. Nothing to crazy, but I superset that with 5 wide grip strict pullups. Yesterday was also the shoulder variation of my pressing day, so I tacked on a 5×5 of military press with a lowly 85 lbs. My shoulder strength is definitely lagging behind where it was, but it’s also worse after all the pressing from earlier in the workout. I finished up the workout with some seated cable rows for higher volume, and felt pretty solid leaving the gym

To conclude.. This is typical one step back to take a few more forward. Once I plateau on the bench, I’ll see if I can do a few cycles of lower reps to see if anything has changed!

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