Personal Training Plan!

Personal Training Plan

Training Plan

Haven’t given an update in a while, but I’m still doing my thing. I figured I’d provide a brief update on something a colleague had asked me to do for him, which I was flattered about because he acknowledges my swoledom. Given a few straight forward goals, I put together a plan for my friend and colleague to help him prepare for a competition in December in which he’ll be competing at a very high level. He’ll be required to hold static weight as well as quickly shift direction while holding weight but he also had some goals for himself along the way.

The first thing I let him know was about eating. He’s a thin guy (not like scary thin or anything, but his metabolism could kick the shit out of mine) so I let him know that when he starts consistently going to the gym that he’s going to need to increase his food intake. My one tip for him was to do it in small consistent steps. For example, he talked to me about his meal size and frequency, and I told him to add an extra one of his smallest meals every day for a week or two. If he doesn’t feel that he has the energy he needs, we can revisit it and potentially discuss higher food intake. If he goes on the Big Mac Diet from the beginning, there’s no understanding the middle ground.

I structured his workout into a three day split with legs, chest/shoulders/tris, and back/bis/core. I figured this would serve as a decent starting ground, and given his feedback, we could tweak it to find out what is and isn’t working. This split wasn’t rocket surgery, but I picked a few exercises for him to focus on that I felt would build strength in the areas he pointed out. If it feels like it’s too much or too little volume, it’s extremely easy to adjust once we have a baseline for it all.

I was excited to be able to put this training plan together for my friend, and while it’s extremely simple, I think it’ll be a cool opportunity for us to figure out what does and does not work for him. It’ll be a great experience in balance. I hope that I can help him achieve the results he wants so he can perform better, even if he doesn’t hope to get as swole as I am. We can’t all be this swole, so… I understand.

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