Progress Update – Mix and Match

Mix and Match

I haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I’d give a little status update. The past couple of weeks I haven’t been eating totally well, and I don’t mean that I’ve just been eating junk… I mean I just haven’t been eating as much as I probably need to. I was in the process of trading in my car, which I think was stressing me out a whole bunch. It’s done now, so I feel like I’m able to focus a little bit more on my regular schedule. I still managed to get all of my lifting sessions in, but I don’t feel like I was fueling myself properly and resting sufficiently.

For my deadlifts, I’ve been trying to alternate between heavy conventional and heavy sumo, so I switch which one I ramp for a daily max with each workout. Once I reach a daily max, I hit a handful of backoff sets with the other. It’s too early for me to say that I’m making #allkindsofgains with this approach, but I definitely like it. I was consistently adding 5lbs to my daily max for a few sessions there until I took a break to just hit significantly higher volume for a change. I think I’ll keep the alternation in place for a bit longer to see how it goes.

For my squats, I want to bring back volume squatting. I think on my second leg day (every other day I have a leg day) I’ll alternate between hitting volume squats and pause squats. These are both things I want to get better at, but volume squats are incredibly taxing. I just tried a ladder of sets of 10 starting at 135 lbs and increasing by 5 lbs each set. I got 8 sets in and I figured I should call it before I overdid it… but today my legs barely work. I think it’ll only take a few more sessions before I’m exceeding my ability to hit 10×10@185 lbs… The difference now is that even if it’s not the same weights per se, my form with my knees and butt wink is so much better.

For my bench, I’m still a bit stumped. I feel kind of plateaued again, so I’m trying something completely different. I’m going to continue to work to a daily max (a comfortable daily max and not like I feel that I’m giving 100%) and then do volume or speed work. Instead of doing back off sets of triples or some really low reps, I want to make sure I’m getting more volume in. If it’s speed work, I might end up doing more sets of lower reps and accelerating the bar fast, but if it’s straight up volume I’ll aim for more reps per set. I think I just need a change in my routine, and being able to get more reps in will allow me more time to work on my form.

Progress continues!

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