Bench Press – Lifting Log

Bench Press - Lifting Log

Bench Press

No idea why… But my bench press is still the one lift that never seems to get any better. I feel like I need an intervention for bringing up my bench press. Regardless, it always feels good to get a chest pump going on at the gym!

I started off with some ramping sets to try and hit a daily max. I could tell in my ramping sets that it probably wasn’t going to be an amazing day, but that’s okay. Can’t win ’em all. I hit 185 for 3, 205 for 2, and then 215 for 1. It’s interesting because after struggling with 205 for 2 (the real indication that today wasn’t great), I hit the following single and it felt way better. I think my biggest problem is subsequent reps because I have a terrible tendency to lose all of the tension in my back when locking out. I want to roll my shoulders forward to get the bar as high as possible. It’s totally stupid and I need to work on fixing it.

I unloaded the bar back down to a plate and smacked some chains on for some fancy-ass bench press. I ramped back up with a variety of rep ranges (5, 3, and 2) to 175 for 2. I started supersetting pullups into there as well. I followed that up with partial bench press reps for some crazy TuT by not touching my chest and not fully locking out (wide grip and close grip). Those were also superset with pullup variations.

I finished the workout off with a tricep exercise superset with a bicep exercise. Need to get a mini pump in my arms on my chest day. I did 20 minutes on the stairs too, which sucked, but I think I’ll be sticking to that until I feel like getting back into the treadmill sprints.

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