Progress Update

Progress Update


I haven’t been making time to post updates, but I’ve definitely been making time for the gym as usual. It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve completed my training and been following my own routine. For a little refresher, it’s been going something like this:

  • Heavy Squat (finding ways to overload, using a box, chains, etc…)
  • Deadlift + Lowerback
  • Squat + General Legs
  • Push (generally chest, but every few workouts I open with military press instead)

Accessory work included cardio whenever I can trick myself into doing it, core when I feel my abs aren’t hurting, and bicep/tricep work put in strategically as to not take away from my main lifts. So, for example, I don’t destroy my triceps the day before I have my pushing workout.

The result of this split has been pretty awesome so far. I end up squatting almost 75% of the time I’m in the gym (because even on my deadlifting days I might get a few sets of front squats in afterward, or warm up with some back squats). I feel like my numbers are steadily climbing, so my main goal is being achieved. My bench is probably the slowest to improve, but I’m certainly getting more comfortable with it. I’ve been incorporating sumo deadlifts and I’ve been watching my form remain pretty good as I get back into the mid 300’s for my pulls. My big issue was being able to get to high 300’s but my form was brutal and it wasn’t really helping anything. As for my squats, I feel that trying to hit different types of PRs every workout is working really really well.

Couple recent lifts that I’m proud of:

I’m in the midst of getting another 31 videos uploaded to¬†YouTube, so go check it out! Here’s a shot of my 350 lbs squat:

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