Squats and Deadlifts – Lifting Log

Squats and Deadlifts - Lifting LogSquats and Deadlifts

Had to hit the gym a bit earlier than usual due to the holiday (happy May 24, by the way) but I had another one of those crazy workouts where everything just seemed to work in my favour. Squats, deadlifts, some front squats, and even my cardio work didn’t seem to suck. Wish I had more days like today.

Okay, so I didn’t upload the squat videos yet… Just a couple to Instagram right now, but they’ll be up on YouTube. I was really impressed with my technique today, so hopefully you’ll think the same. I wanted to hit a 5×5 back squat today. What was my magic number? 245. I knew I could kill it at 225 because I did that a couple weeks ago to test the waters… and it was easy. Okay, so 245 for a 5×5. And I crushed that Every single rep felt awesome. No awkwardness tipping forward or feeling like my hips would snap.

Here’s the Instagram shot of one of my 5×245 sets:


After that was all done and I felt like a million bucks, I wanted to go into my squat and deadlft superset routine that I love doing. What was the accessory squat today? Box squats. But fancy box squats… with chains. For doubles. Boom. This was going to be awesome! And it was! I started at 185 + chains (and I’m not sure how heavy the chains are to be honest… I’ve heard 50 lbs but let’s call it like 20 lbs for good measure. Nobody wants to bullshit anyone here. So 185 lbs + chains for two reps… Easy. I worked up to 255 for chains and had all sorts of funny plates tacked onto the bar with the chains in the midldle. It’s too bad the video doesn’t capture it. I worked up to two sets of 275 lbs for triples on the deadlifts too, and although I didn’t record it, my pulls felt much more natural in my lower back.

Here’s a shot of the top box squat set:

Afterwards I wanted to work on my front squats a little bit, so I did a few sets of that and tried a single out at 175. Definitely manageable, so I’m hoping to get these as part of a main squat movement in a workout some time. I did a couple sets of biceps and some sprints for the sexy factor.

Stay tuned to YouTube for my squat vids from today.

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