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Deadlifts - Lifting LogDeadlifts

Tonight was going to be my first time filming and analyzing myself deadlifting. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I know I’m overly analytical, so what was going to happen if I saw something I wanted to tweak? Well… exactly what I expected 🙂 Fortunately, this time I have all of the YouTube videos up that I filmed for this workout. I didn’t film every exercise/set, but it should give you an idea of what was going on.

I wanted to pull triples tonight. I love pulling triples for deadlifts, and I feel like I’ve been in a rut lately switching up my deadlift form back and forth. I started with 135 on the bar for a few reps so I could test out the angle of the camera and see what I looked like. And… I already saw my lower back rounding more than I wanted. This was going to be a great workout… I did a few sets getting up to 275 for triples where I stuck it out for a bit. I wanted to see if I could improve my lower back rounding because the bar was coming off the ground easily, but I felt that my technique looked like trash. After a few triples at 275, I decided to salvage what I got and pull a few singles to get to a bit heavier of a weight.

And then the singles went something like 315, 335, and 355. All of which felt totally great, but my lowerback looks like trash and I’m pretty butt-hurt about it.

Okay, so when you try to pull heavy and you still feel like garbage about all of your deadlifts, why not go for some volume instead? Here’s three sets of 10 at 225.

So at this point, I was just upset with my entire workout. It was video evidence to myself that even when I think I’m having a sweet deadlifting day, I look like shit. So I decided to get some lower back work in with reverse hyper extensions and static holds in between some barbell rows. Oh, and barbell rows are also something I know I’m terrible at. Well, “terrible” is a strong word, but I’m far weaker on these than I should be given how long I’ve been lifting. I decided to get some video footage at light weight to see what I look like. And… I guess I was actually pleased with my technique.

Try not to watch the cute girl in the background. These videos were made for the intention of critiquing *my* form, not creeping on the pretty girl. You should be ashamed. I hit up some biceps/forearms and core right after these rows, and then skipped the cardio for tonight.

Not sure how I feel about tonight’s lift. I’ll be showing Sam some of these vids when I see him for my last session so we can analyze together.


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