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Bench Press

Tonight’s training was focusing on bench. I was pretty pissed that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get into my setup naturally and I didn’t have a single set that I felt good about. I took some videos so I can try to analyze my form, but I only started to make some positive tweaks by the end.

I wanted to start by ramping up to a local max, but not necessarily a one rep max. I was shooting for a decent two or three rep max to see how I feel, and then I’d follow up with a 5×5 afterward. I hit 185, 205, and 210 before I decided I wasn’t getting the bar up fast enough. As I said, I was pretty let down by my performance tonight, but I have some videos to show you what’s up at least. One thing I noticed after doing all of these is that when I unrack the bar, it has to travel so far and I’m losing a ton of energy and stability. I tried correcting this in the next part.┬áVideo of the top set isn’t done uploading, but you can check it out on my┬áchannel later.

Next up was 5×5 and I chose 185 for the weight. Before I got into the gym tonight, my goal was to do 5×5 with 190 and if I was feeling great, 195… but 185 proved to be a decent target. None of these videos are done uploading yet, so stay tuned on my YouTube channel if you’re interested. I superset all of my 5×5 sets with sets of 15 on the T-bar row with 70 lbs. Nothing overly heavy, but enough that I could get some blood going in my back to counteract the pressing.

Next segment of the workout was just accessory stuff. I superset incline dumbbell press sets of 12 with two sets of assisted wide grip pullups at 10 reps. So three rounds of that meant 60 pullups in total. I did a little bit of bicep and tricep work after, but my biceps were still torched from the back work I did the other day with Sam. Specifically though, my forearms are killing. I did a couple of planks as well, but I skipped out on sprinting today.


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