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Squatting - Lifting LogSquatting

Tonight was just going to be a straight up squat workout. Usually I’d do some accessory work at the end like some abs/curls, but my arms are actually torched from doing a ton of negatives for back movements in yesterday’s workout. I did manage to get some squat videos tonight though!

Started off with some pause squats tonight. Last time I was doing triples, so I decided I’d mix it up and do doubles for my pause squats and do a higher rep range for my next squat movement in the workout. I stuck to making my bigger jumps, so I went from 135 right up to 225 and I’m not having any issues now with this jump. It’s better than wasting some energy on a set at 185 or something. From 225, I worked up to 265. From my last videos, I wanted to do a bit better on pausing, and I think I improved it. You can be the judge. Here’s a shot of the top set:

After pause squats, I figured I’d do sets of four for box squats. I’d continue on from my top pause squat set and ramp up from there. I hit 265, 275, 285 and 295, but 295 was only a tripleĀ because on the second rep I felt myself drop to the box instead of build tension. It was really noticeable that it threw me off because my third rep was that much slower to get up from the box. I was pretty content with the sets though. Here’s a few shots of the box squats, but my top set isn’t uploaded yet.

I did some pushups in between a few of my box squat sets to take advantage of the breaks… so I think I got 80 or 100 (i.e. 4 or 5 sets in there). I wasn’t really counting the sets, but it was just something to kill time while my legs and back recovered a bit. I wanted to do one more squat movement after, and specifically something more around technique instead of going heavy or doing crazy volume… Front squats with the barbell.

I haven’t done front squats in a while. Well, with a barbell I mean… I don’t really like counting the kettlebell ones because they’re hard almost strictly because it’s hard to hold kettle bells in front of you, but not because of the total weight. I knew I wasn’t going to be hitting any crazy heavy sets, but I wanted to see if I stil had the flexibility in my upper body and how my shoulder would handle it. I was also forced to squat with elevated heels before because otherwise I’d cave in. I’ve front squatted over 200 lbs before, but nothing crazy… I know I’ve lost a bit of it, but I was really excited to see myself hitting comfortable sets of fiveĀ up to 135 lbs. My hips were pretty shot from all of the box squatting beforehand, but I didn’t require any heel elevation. Those videos will be up on YouTube after they’re done uploading.

I finished the whole workout off with sprints. They f*cking suck but I’m still doing them.


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