Squats and Deadlifts – Lifting Log

Squats and Deadlifts - Lifting LogSquats and Deadlifts

Tonight was another one of my favourite style workouts… Squats and deadlifts. I think it’s an interesting evolution of my workouts since really it ends up being a full body workout, whether I wanted to admit it or not. I crush my legs, but all of the accessory stuff I pick after ends up hitting the rest of my body. Oh… And I got a little something special for you tonight.

I started off with some pause squat triples. I felt like making big leaps tonight to focus on the heavier weight, so I warmed up with 135 and 225 (nothing else in between) and then got to work. I hit 245 and 255 for triples, but 265 was only a double. It felt too slow on the second rep, so instead of trying to grind a third, I called it early. From there, I moved onto the squat/deadlift supersets, so I chose box squats as the variation. I ended up ramping up to 305 for a doubles on the box squat and even that still felt really good. It was getting a bit late, my iPod had died, and I still had to do cardio, I decided 305 was a good number to hit tonight. My deads also stopped at 275 for a double instead of a triple, so even though it wasn’t anywhere close to a nice number, I figured my back had taken quite the beating already.

I finished up the workout with some curls and pushups. There’s the “full body” part, right? I also switched up the cardio tonight because of the dead iPod… I figured I’d run with my phone, but I refuse to do cardio without music. That’s just cruel. Sprinting would have been too tricky jumping on and off holding a phone in one hand, so I just decided I’d jog tonight.

And the something special? Check these out. (There’s more on their way, but I’m not waiting to link them all here)


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