Pause Squats – Lifting Log

Pause Squats - Lifting LogPause Squats

My back was pretty torched tonight from my volume deadlifting yesterday. I wanted to go into the gym to squat, but I overslept my nap by about 45 minutes (I guess my body really needed it) and with my back being as sore as it was, I was pretty worried I’d be scrapping my workout for tonight. The worst part is that I’ve been using Fridays to load up a bit on calories, so if I didn’t go into lift, it’d be a waste. Pause squats were the go-to tonight, and they worked out pretty well.

Once I got a bit warmed up in the hips, I tried squatting down with 135 on my back and things actually felt surprisingly good. I hit a triple with that pausing on each rep to let my hips take some of the beating they needed to loosen up. I was trying to figure out what squat style and set/rep scheme I wanted to hit based on my energy level and back state, but i realized pause squats would actually be pretty good. Last time I hit pause squats, I ramped with doubles, so I figured today I’d switch it up to triples. It would keep me from going to heavy and risking anything with my lower back, but it wouldn’t be so many reps that my lower back would tire out from the volume either. I worked my way up to the mid 200’s for my work sets, ending with pause squats at 235, 240, 245, and 250 for triples. Each rep felt awesome and had no grinding slowdowns.

Again, based on my lower back state, I didn’t want to follow up with heavy box squats, so I decided I’d front squat with kettle bells since I hadn’t done that in a while. I also figured that hitting some light deadlift triples might be good to actually feel what’s going on in my lower back and see if I could get my form tweak that I made last night (I was dropping too low into my deadlift and losing a ton of my tension). So… front squat and deadlift supersets for 5 sets meant 8 front squats at 70 lbs (yeah, just two 35 lbs kettle bells to keep it light) and triples for deadlifts at 225. Nice and light, but go tmy heart rate up pretty good.

I wrapped up the whole workout with some bicep curls and ab work. I decided to hit the yoga-ball planks and some ab wheel rollouts, so I’m pretty confident my abs are going to be on fire tomorrow. I haven’t done the rollouts in a long time, so that was a really nice switch up.


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