Squats and Deadlifts – Lifting Log

Squats and Deadlifts - Lifting Log

Squats and Deadlifts

Tonight’s workout was insane. I’ll attribute it to a couple things, but in all honesty, maybe the stars just aligned. I was well rested from the weekend, I had a good dosage of caffeine, and the ephedrine was timed just right. It was one of those workouts where you just imagine the weights you want to move around, and suddenly your body is able to do it. On top of that, I got to rock my favourite squats ‘n’ deadlifts workout.

I started off with a decent dosage of hip stretching and moved into ramping back suqats. I was hitting triples on the squats all the way up to 270 where I felt the third rep slow down. Perfect. That’s all I needed because it meant it was time for the working sets. I stripped the bar back to 245 and pulled out the box. The goal was box squats for three sets of five at 245. Should be totally achievable since I hit 5×5 at 225 for squats without a box. This is also where I tossed in the deadlifts for the superset. I started these guys off at 135 for two sets of 5, 225 for two sets of 5, and then 275 for a single set of five. After all of that volume, I was pretty gunned.

But…. my upper body was still feeling great, so I wanted to capitalize on that a bit too. The prescription? 100 pushups. That’s nothing crazy, so I broke it into five rounds of 20. Why? Because that meant I could superset with some bicep curls to get these guns growin’ again. And… Because I was feeling extra awesome, I did my 6 rounds of sprints to end the whole thing.

Some of tonight’s motivation provided by… Crown the Empire again. Pretty sweet track.


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