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Got my late Saturday night work out in. It’s always nice to hit the gym from 9-10:30 on a Friday or Saturday because nobody else likes working out around then. Nobody there to distract you and you can put in work. I got a nap in earlier today and I’ve hit all of my planned meals, so I felt great going into the workout, and I feel great now too.

Because I’ve been planning how I want to do my upcoming training program, I’ve been trying to walk into the gym and hit a set/rep target. Tonight I just wanted to deadlift, so I said I’d work up to a comfortable weight for triples and then drop back down to do a 5×5 based on what I hit for a triple. I hit triples all the way until 275, but my second rep at 315 I felt like my back was going to start to round, so I just hit a double. I wasn’t too impressed with that, so I told myself I’d hit one heavier set for a double before the 5×5. 335 went up pretty easily for a double, right after that. In between all of those sets, I was doing some random TRX rowing movements to try getting some mobility in my scapula (because my left shoulder is still a mess).

Okay, so then it was time for the 5×5. I had no idea what I wanted to hit, and I haven’t started bringing my phone in to do any calculations. I was thinking either 245 or 225… So I decided I’d play it safe. Why try to hit 245 for 5×5 if I don’t even know what my baseline is? I also figured I’d do some assisted pullups in between all of my sets and take shorter than normal rest periods. If I can add those two little things in and make it through my workout, it just means I’d be that much stronger if I didn’t add them in on another day trying to hit a 5×5. I wasn’t overly surprised to find that 5×5 at 225 wasn’t really that hard… But what did surprise me was that my grip was the first thing to take a huge beating. I tried switching up the top and bottom hands for my alternated grip, but after two sets I couldn’t keep it with hook grip. I switched back to normal and pounded out the last three sets without too much issue at all.

I wrapped up the whole workout with planks and bicep curls superset together. I also snuck in a few rounds of sprints on the treadmill too because as much as I hate doing cardio, I wouldn’t mind looking better naked.

Got a bunch of motivation for deadlifting tonight from this song:


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