Stability – Lifting Log


Tonight wasn’t a typical training session with Sam, but nights like this are good to toss into the mix every so often. I’m not big on taking days off from the gym. I feel like I should be able to go in and train at least something every day. When your back is beaten up, your chest and shoulders are sore, and your legs are wobbly… What’s left? Well… plenty of things! Tonight was a great example of some movement patterns that are good to get into the mix every so often.

The workout started with rack pulls. Today wasn’t one of those days where everything on my body hurt, but I was probably due for all of the things we tackled today. So… rack pulls to start. I was pretty content with my form on every set. Small tweaks included me keeping my head above where it normally sits (I remember this cue from before) and tweaking my grip so that my hands aren’t cranked over the bar. These two things alone contributed to a much stronger lift. I didn’t break 400 today, but I made it up to 365 for a few doubles. It felt pretty good so I was pleased. I then hit some doubles with chains on for speed work and managed to crank out 5 sets.

The rest of the workout was a ton of stability movements. I did a handful of plank variations including side planks, single arm planks,┬ásingle leg TRX planks, single leg ball planks, and two-legged ball planks. I also worked on some single leg squat mobility drills to really get the glutes firing. I had a rude awakening for my lack of hip control when I was performing side planks and continuously had my hips cramp up. Even though I feel like I’ve made huge improvements in my hip flexibility and strength, there’s a ton of room for improvement.

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