Bench Press – Lifting Log

Bench Press Lifting Log

Had a solid workout tonight, but I don’t have all that much to say about it. I wanted to shoot for five┬ásets of triples and I settled on 195 for the weight. The first set I actually hit 205 for three, but I decided the bar speed wasn’t good enough to hit my following four sets at that weight. I did hit 195 comfortably for the remaining sets, which makes me think maybe 200 is the magic number for five sets of three. Maybe it was just today though! I did a ton of assisted pullup sets in between to work on my scapula retraction in hopes I can rebuild some of my back/shoulder mobility on the left side.

The other day I mentioned that I wanted to start thinking about my lifting plan once I’m not training with Sam. I’ve thought of a few more things I wanted to hone in on.

  • I want to stick to eight day cycles. It’s not seven days, which sounds silly, but makes a huge difference for me not aligning it to a week. If something comes up in life, I want to be able to not feel guilty about taking a night off from the gym, It also means if one night of the week always happens to be crappier (i.e. say Mondays or Fridays are crappy nights for me to hit the gym) then I can alternate the workout and not have one specific workout always suffer.
  • I want to incorporate some lower back movements into my workouts. I did my first pass over what one eight day cycle might look like, and it seemed alright… but after going to the gym tonight I realized that I totally neglected to set aside some time for lower back specific training.
  • I also forgot about one more of my favourite combinations… Push+Pull in the same workout. I absolutely love to superset chest and back (like I was doing tonight) and I realized that on my first pass over a plan I missed this entirely.
  • If I’m sticking to eight day cycles, I also want to take four of those cycles and group that into something bigger…. Let’s call it a period, where a period is essentially 28 days (or near a month). In a period, I’d like to try testing 1 rep maxes at the end in the last cycle. I’d like to use the last cycle to toss in some accessory work I don’t do in my regular sessions (i.e. maybe I’ll do leg press, or some different tricep movements…) which will also let me focus on my one rep maxes instead of going heavy on accessory work. I’d also like to rotate the accessories in each cycle in a way that allows me to get paused reps, chains, and bands all incorporated.

Stay tuned!

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