Squats and Deadlifts – Lifting Log

Squats and Deadlifts - Lifting Log

Squats and Deadlifts

After a weekend out in Niagara Falls for a bachelor party, I was kind of worried tonight’s workout would be  crappy. Interestingly enough, I think having a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon allowed me to recover sufficiently from the lack of sleep, poor eating, and drinking. I ended up having a pretty stellar workout.

Over the past few months, I’ve learned to love this leg workout. In fact, when I’m done training with Sam after a few more sessions, I’ll likely regularly incorporate this. The workout focuses on a particular back squat rep range, and then I superset deadlifts and a different style of squat for accessory work. Each time I do this workout, I feel exhausted by the end but I also feel like I’m hyped up each set through the workout. It’s a really cool effect.

Tonight, I wanted to focus on 5×5 for back squat. Usually I would try to ramp up weight to hit a solid triple/double/single where I have *some* left in the tank, but I know what my current max is for the day. When I’m done training with Sam, I’ll be bringing my phone into my workouts to calculate the necessary percentages. Tonight, I just decided on 225 for 5×5. It’s a little lighter than I want it to be, but after tonight I proved to myself that I could easily smash that. Next time I do this workout I might shoot for a 6×3 or 4×4… or some other arbitrary set/rep scheme and try to hit a PR in that rep scheme. This will allow me to try to hit different PRs each workout without focusing on a new 3 rep max, 2 rep max, or 1 rep max. There’s so much more to getting stronger than hitting a single set with certain reps.

The latter half of my workout was deadlifts mixed with box squats. I ramped my deadlifts from 135 up to 275 for triples. I didn’t want to get too crazy with these tonight so 275 felt great. It was also a good weight to keep the bar moving fast off the ground and not grind out any reps. My box squats actually really impressed me. I stuck to doubles (since it’s a a rep range I don’t usually do) and I ramped by 10 lbs at a time from 245 to 285. Each set I could get down to the box without plopping down and kept things totally under control, and then I could accelerate each rep off the box. The surprising part for me was that I could continue to accelerate the bar even after stacking 60 lbs from my starting box squat weight AND ramping up to 275 on deadlifts in between sets. I finished the whole workout with some bicep curls (why not, right?) and 5 rounds of sprints.

I’m hoping once I’m back to training entirely on my own that I’ll make a few changes:

  • Calculate local rep maxes for a given day by ramping up to a given weight, and then calculating where I should train if I want to hit 5×5, 6×3, etc…
  • Use my phone to take some videos! Might as well get some stuff up on YouTube for anyone to check out.
  • Stick to a modified version of my old lifting plan (get volume squats in because I love them, add in front squats, these squat/deadlift days, speed work, etc..)

More posts to come!

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