Road to Recovery

Leading Up To Surgery

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here… But that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle. I’ve still been at the gym every day up until I had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and even then, I was at the gym up until the night before surgery. My week leading up to surgery I had to stop taking all supplements which felt kind of crappy, considering I’m a heavy user of fish oil and multi-vitamins.

I was also under a ton of stress leading up to my surgery. I took it upon myself to take on more responsibilities at work for around a month. It worked out well because the surgery meant I was going to have a week off entirely.

Post Surgery Recovery

While off work and the gym for surgery, I was pretty immobile. It was unfortunate because it would have been an optimal time for being able to stretch and get some weight-free mobility stuff in… It also sucked trying to manage what I was eating, so I took advantage of one day of eat-whatever-I-want-because-I’m-feeling-down-after-having-surgery, and the rest of my time off was low carb, high protein, and moderate fat. I definitely didn’t gain any weight from being off for a week.

I’ve managed to get sick twice in a two week time span after my surgery, which is insane considering I haven’t had a cold in years. As a result, my motivation is definitely at an all time low. I’ve had a couple nights this past week where I had a fever in the middle of the night but no other affects on the rest of my body. I’m not totally sure what’s up, but last night was the first time I felt totally fine this week. We’ll see how tonight goes, but otherwise I’ll be in at the doctors on Monday.

Here’s to getting motivated and back in the action!


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