Box Squat Personal Training – Lifting Log

Box Squat Personal Training - Lifting Log
Box Squat Personal Training

Tonight was a night that I’ve been waiting for for a while now. Tonight was legs with Sam, and since we’ve gone back to my wider power stance for squatting, I’ve been able to squat comfortable without my ankles rolling in. Tonight we got up to a decent weight to assess my squat form based on my current style and then I finally got to box squat. Sam pointed out the way I want to squat (which is how I was training before him) is certainly setup to be for a box squat. Yes!

I had a pretty solid stretching session before I trained with Sam. I tried to get in a half hour early to really loosen up my legs and hips before squatting. I got my quads stretched out, and then worked on my hamstrings by using the bands to pull my leg in two directions as I tried to fully stretch my hamstring. We got right into squatting from there though. I started with the bar, then single plates, then 70 pound jump to 205, then 225, 245, 265, and 275 all for 4 reps each. I actually squatted 275 for a single the other night and considered that a recent PR after not back squatting in months. When I made the 20 lbs jump to 295 I started to break down. I hit three reps, and they were all pretty rough. I’m definitely weak in the hole now, and I could really feel it. The descent felt really controlled, but once I was looking for that quick turn around in the hole my body just felt weak. Something to work on though!

After my top set, I dropped back down to 225 and Sam filmed me so I could see what I look like. I definitely got a glimpse of my body tipping a bit too far forward when trying to drive out of the hole. The first couple reps I didn’t really see it, but on rep four when I was getting tired it was obvious. Again, something more to work on. With that said, Sam decided it was time we got onto the box. We went over the technique for pushing back and opening up the knees and hips to slowly descend, how to sit back properly (by pivoting at the hips and not hyper extending), and then how to stand back up. I did a few sets of this at 135 just to go over the motions, and then we tacked on some chains to see how that would feel. My big concern was not wanting to rock into the weight to stand back up, but I think I was getting it by the end.

The rest of the workout was a lot like our other leg workouts as of late. I got some step ups in, some Bulgarian split squats, and some glute ham raises. My hammies felt pretty beat by the end of all of it, but I still think I’m going to hit legs again tomorrow!

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