Shoulders and Back – Lifting Log

Shoulders and Back - Lifting Log

Shoulders and Back

Today I hit up the gym a bit earlier than usual. I actually went in with a friend to give her a few lifting tips where I could and to give each other a bit of motivation for our sprints as a finisher. Actually, it was really so that I could train delts and back, hang out with her, and then get some mental/emotional support from her while I attempted to run sprints. I help her lift, she helps me sprint. Fair trade, right?

Started the workout with some shoulder mobility stuff with bands. Typical warmup after training with Sam for a while now. I got ramping by 20 lbs on military press from the bar up to 125 lbs. I went up to 135 for a single after that and left it there. Still had a wee bit in the tank, but I wasn’t chasing anything super heavy today. The only other big barbell movement we hit up was underhand barbell rows. My grip was pretty soft without chalk but I hit up a few sets of six at just over a plate and focused on keeping as horizontal as possible (using my knees as shock absorbers, as Sam says).

We did a few rounds of pullups and the lat pulldown machine right after that. I started pointing out to my friend some small technical things in her pulling motions (i.e. leaning too far back and having arms track too far in front of her body). Little tweaks to actually pull with her back instead of her biceps/shoulders, but she was definitely getting it.

We finished the workout off with a few different core exercises including weighted medicine ball situps, planks, and some medicine ball twists. I hadn’t done twists in a while so I’m a bit nervous my obliques might be feeling it tomorrow when I go to squat. Finally, we ran sprint intervals on the treadmill for 10 sets of 30 seconds on with 30 second breaks. The first half was okay, but my lack of cardio quickly caught up. This workout was hours ago and my throat *still* keeps getting the odd tickle in it from breathing really hard. I’ll definitely keep up with the sprints though.

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