Deadlifting Personal Training – Lifting Log

Deadlifting Personal Training - Lifting Log
Deadlifting Personal Training

I haven’t written in a little while, but I’m definitely still lifting every day. Last night I had got together with some close friends I don’t see all that often, so we were out pretty late and I didn’t get much sleep before today’s training session. Not to worry though, because I feel like deadlifting with Sam today actually went really well. It gave me a good excuse to nap afterwards too.

After I had warmed up my quads and hamstrings and rolled out my back, it was time to get to work with Sam. We started with a few sets of pulling 135 and 225. Nothing fancy. Just getting warmed up with some lighter pulls. Once we made it into the 275-315 territory, I stopped pulling fives and went for doubles. From there, I worked up to 355, 375, and then 390 for a PR. 375 and 390 were for singles, and the difference in technique between the two was pretty big. I knew that when 390 started coming off the ground it wasn’t going to look pretty, but I was determined to pick it up. Sam unfortunately described it as me individually loading each vertebrae as I straightened my back and stood up. Not what I wanted to hear, but it was a top set… so I was kind of expecting that to not be pretty. We tried setting me up for a second attempt but I didn’t get it off the ground.

We finished up deadlifting with a couple of doubles back around 345 which felt pretty good. Next up was some variations of back extensions. The first, I was laying down on the platformed hanging over the ground by about an inch or two. Form there with my legs held down I had to do shorter ROM back extensions. After a few sets of 15 my lower back felt rock solid. Then Sam had me get on the GHR stand to do full ROM back extensions with a kettle bell. That movement definitely crushed my spirits. My back was completely fried after that. I finished up the workout with a plank followed by an isometric hold for my lower back.

A new advancement in my cardio came up yesterday too. I’ll probably start to do treadmill sprints on my non personal training days. I had someone demonstrate how to get on and off the treadmill when it’s at high speeds, so I’m pretty confident I can start to safely incorporate that into my workouts.

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