Cleans Personal Training – Lifting Log

Cleans Personal Training - Lifting Log

Cleans Personal Training

For the second day in a row now, my traps have been absolutely gassed. I did a big push day yesterday and managed to fight through it, but today my traps were just as sore. Sam said we’d be doing back today, and he didn’t lie. What I didn’t know is that we’d be doing more cleans to jack up my traps even more. Yay for cleans!

The goal of the workout was to get a solid back pump and really just hammer it hard. I guess the initial intention wasn’t to focus on cleans, but hey, things happen. I started off by supersetting some really light deadlifts with barbell rows. We kept the rest periods incredibly short so even though the weight wasn’t really a factor, it was still a matter of going through the motions that hammered my back. We upped the weight on the deadlifts and modified the secondary movement to really target the upper back. How do you think my traps started to feel?

After the deadlifting supersets, we moved to deadlifts into full-extensions. I already didn’t like where this was going… It’s basically a power shrug at the end of a deadlift. We kept this light and supersetted with another upper back accessory movement. Finally, I transitioned into cleans from the ground. I was having a really difficult time getting a full extension going into a clean when I pulled from the ground, so we modified it such that I could start from below my knees. My forearms got so jacked up by the end of this that I could barely squeeze the bar, and my left wrist lost essentially all range of motion. I know I’m not supposed to be reverse curling the bar, but I’m sure I had a few reps where it happened.

I finished up the workout with some cable pulldowns and mixed-grip pullups. It was definitely a good finished that really had my lats tired out. Finally, I did a big set of medicine ball throws for core. Not the slams today, but the kind where I situp and launch the ball with my lats. I find the first half go smoothly, and the second half my core just starts to fail. I’m pretty worried about how my traps wil feel tomorrow.

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