Push Pull Training – Lifting Log

Push Pull Training - Lifting Log

Push Pull Training

Sam let me know yesterday that I was safe to get some benching in today. I figure I’ll likely end up training legs tomorrow (maybe even get back into squatting with a barbell, which would be awesome). I decided I’d focus on pushing today, but for all of my accessory work I’d try to do supersets with some pulling movements. It definitely had me pumped up.

I warmed up with a few pushups, some scapula mobility movements, and some banded stretches for my pecs/shoulders. I got right into benching starting with the bar and then 135 for 5 and 185 for 5. I made a jump to 205 and I could tell that I’m used to having someone unrack the weight for me now since bringing the weight out was the hardest part. I took the time to get the bar settled into the right spot, and I was easily able to pound off three reps. I went to 215 and noticed the same thing… tricky to unrack, but I could find the sweet spot and the bar came down easily and went up easily for two. I did 225 and 230 for singles. The mental stress on me for unracking the weight definitely takes its toll, but I did notice at 230 that the first few inches (6-8) off my chest were easy, then there’s a sticking point, and then the last few inches are easy again. Kind of interesting, so I’ll mention it to Sam tomorrow.

After stopping at 230, I did 3 sets of 10 at 155 supersetting with some TRX pulling. Next up was pushups for sets of 20 and 15 supserset with another TRX pulling variation. At this point I felt pretty pumped up which was an awesome feeling. Pushups certainly aren’t getting any easier for me yet, but I need to put in the time to get good at them. My last main movements were assisted dips (I know I know… assisted… weak…) supserset with wide grip pushups. The dips took my triceps from uncomfortable to hurting pretty fast.

The last bit of the workout was biceps and core. I hit standard dumbbell curls and hammer curls along with ab wheel rollouts and situps holding a medicine ball between my feet. Afterwards, I hit up the stair master for a tiny bit of cardio (only 10 minutes). I did three two-minute intervals of taking two steps at a time and doing a high knee raise, which I’m using to mimic some of the glute and hamstring activation I do with Sam. I finish my cardio with my glutes really fired up.

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