Bench Personal Training – Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training - Lifting Log

Bench Personal Training

Last personal training session of the year! Tonight I focused on benching with Sam but not really focusing on high numbers tonight. Technique and safety above all, like usual, but otherwise the goal of the night was speed. And apparently we’re trying to make me hate doing pushups.

I warmed up like usual before starting my session with Sam. We got set up to bench where I opened up with benching two sets of 10 at 135. Couldn’t seem to get my footing right (i.e. my eyes were way below the bar on both sets). From there, we were going to ramp with doubles, so 185 (footing off… now my eyes were above the bar), 230 (eyes still above the bar), and then 250. We stopped at 250 since it looked like I had slowed down once we hit that weight (but finally my eyes were lining up in the right spot!). I did three doubles at 250 before we called it quits on the bench to move to other movements.

The rest of the workout was primarily pushup variations. We did plyometric pushups where I’d get some air time on a box to swap which hand that I’d keep elevated. I did pushups with my feet suspended in a TRX. I did pushups with my elbows tucked keeping one hand on a ball. By the end of the workout, my arm was trembling just by placing my hand on the ground. I got in a few rounds of dips and literally went to failure on my last set of dips. I couldn’t lock out my triceps anymore.

The one new movement that was kind of cool today was catching a medicine ball above my chest, and in one continuous movement trying to bring it down and explode up to throw the ball back up to Sam. The idea obviously being to generate speed and focus on an aggressive turn-around once the weight touches my chest. The first ball drop resulted in the medicine ball touching my hands and having my arms completely collapse. I was completely burnt out. By the second set I was actually throwing the ball back up without being too ridiculous. Still, I’ll admit that it was far more complicated than it seemed.

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