Legs Personal Training – Lifting Log

Legs Personal Training - Lifting LogLeg Day

Today I blasted some legs with Sam to finish off the weekend and the second last training session of the year together. I’m still not squatting, and likely won’t squat at all until the first week back training with Sam in the new year. My ankles are still rolling in when back squatting (not front squatting, at all) so while my legs are strong enough to take the load, as soon as it gets heavier things don’t flow as nice. Doesn’t mean we can’t still crush some legs though.

I’ll keep this pretty short so I can touch on what’s likely changing up int he new year along with some of my goals. I has about 25 minutes of warming up my legs consisting of some banded hip and ankle stretches, walking body-weight lunges, single leg kettle bell deadlifts, and some kettle bell front squats. We didn’t hit too many exercises today, and as I mentioned, I’m still not squatting, but we went pretty heavy on my other lifts today. Walking lunges I worked up to 125 lbs with 8 steps per side, which was an interesting challenge considering I’m usually just out of breath whereas today I was actually working hard to actually stand up. I did weighted step-ups today with (I think?) 105 lbs on my back in contrast to the body-weight ones I’m used to doing. We went light on the Bulgarian split squats but only because today I figured out how to balance my back leg on my toes the entire time; it was a huge technique improvement. And we finished up with some single-leg yoga ball hamstring curls, situps, and planks. My hamstrings are torched as I type this.

In the new year, I have a few goals. Do I need to wait until the new year? No. But now that I have some time off work I’m leveraging it to reflect on a few things.

  • Get cardio in three times per week. I’ll be starting with pretty short sessions (like, 8-12 minutes) and working up to 20 minute sessions where I change the intensity up. I’d like to be doing intervals and two-at-a-time steps in the same 20 minute session within a few months.
  • Get back to being consistent with all my supplements. I’m good for fish oil, vitamins, and ZMA, but my protein/creatine intake has gone awry. Since I started personal training, I have been absolutely abysmal about getting my peri-workout nutrition in. I’m going to correct this ASAP.
  • Lean protein + carbs, fatty protein + veggies. I’m really going to shoot to try and keep my fat intake separate from my carb intake. I’ll probably have my routine “cheat” meals that might have a healthy dosage of both at once, but I’ll be sure to work extra hard that day.
  • Mobility. I’ve made dramatic changes in my hamstring and hip mobility, but I’m not done yet. I also want to increase my mobility in my ankles and shoulders, and I’d like to loosen up my quads since they’re absurdly tight. It’s going to take some focus and determination, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end.
  • Get strong. Within the first few months of this year, I want to pull over 400 conventional, bench 265 (without any assistance), and squat 300 (without my ankles rolling at all). I need to get the other pieces together, but with determination, I can make it happen.


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