Deadlifting – Lifting Log

Deadlifting - Lifting Log


Yeah… another deadlifting log. I haven’t been doing military press on my own because Sam has actually been starting to incorporate that into our sessions together. As a result, I’m focusing on one of the major movements we don’t spend a ton of time on. I’m determined to get my deadlift well into the 400s. And there’s nothing that’s going to stop me. I’ll be pushing with Sam tomorrow, so this all worked out pretty well.

I started by warming up and stretching my hips, hamstrings, ankles, and quads for about 25 minutes. I went in a little bit earlier than usual because I had some time to kill, but I felt pretty awesome by the time I even picked up a bar. Like the past few times I’ve been pulling, I really wanted to focus on my hook grip. The other day I made it to 275 for singles doing hook grip, which is the most I have ever pulled without using an alternating grip. The feeling I had in my thumbs once I put the bar down was like they were about to burst. I was determined to get a bit higher than 275 today for hook grip.

Starting with 95 lbs (using bumper plates for bar height), I did a few sets of 5 to get the pattern down. I managed to scrape a scab on my leg on one set without even lifting the bar, so I did the rest of me session bleeding all over my leg from a stupid little scab. Ridiculous, but… lesson learned about my bad form. I ramped using hook grip past two plates and right up to 275 where I started with my singles., and started incorporating some pullups between all of my sets. I probably ended up doing a total of 40-50 pullups by the end of the workout. After four or five sets at 275, I moved up to 295 for a couple of sets and kept the hook grip. There’s a new hook grip PR! I actually had the same thumb-bursting sensation at 295 that I had last time at 275, so I guess that’s a good sign. I decided that was good for hook grip and went to alternating grip to go into the 300s. I pulled singles from 315 up to 355 and stopped after 355. I didn’t feel like I’d keep great form past there, so I dropped back down to two plates and stuck to pulling only up to right below my knees.

One thing I had worked on with Sam was focusing on back strength while deadlifting. My lower back… is terrible because I’ve been avoiding the feeling I get when my lower back actually has to work (in fear that my back was rounding). I did my two plates for five or six sets at three reps holding the below-the-knee position for three-five seconds. Great way to fry your back. I finished up my workout with a couple of sets of dumbbell curls and hammer curls, just because I want to be beautiful.

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